Monday, April 30, 2007

Not much new here...

But I guess it's time for an update. I haven't really been up to anything exciting lately so I have nothing cool to report. I'm now 29 weeks along and I can sure feel it...the heartburn is killing me and the weight gain is awful. Somehow, even though I'm not totally porking on everything, I still have gained 30 pounds so far! So looks like I'll one chubby girl at the end. My cheeks (both sets) are definitely a lot bigger and rounder - and who knew I could have such flabby arms!!! Anyway, it's all fun, especially when I finally get my prize in the end. This baby has been waiting a loooong time to come and I couldn't be happier to finally be blessed a little baby of my own to love.

So, in preperation for the baby, Ben and I decided it was time to buy a new car. Some of you might remember that ours got stolen last August. Well we just never saw the need to replace it and have been doing just fine with the truck. But as I get bigger and more awkward, getting in and out of that thing is more and more difficult - and I think it won't be much better when I'm trying to load a baby in and out of it. Why Ben needed to put a lift on it is beyond me. Anyway, we spent the last two weeks looking and finally found a beautiful car that's perfect for us (it's not new or anything ...but it's perfect!). It looks pretty much exactly like this but it's red:
Besides that we're just sitting here waiting for the baby to come...I know it's at least 11 weeks away so I shouldn't get too excited yet. But we're still trying to get things together and organized but hopefully things fall into place soon. We've ordered the carseat and it's on it's way (thank you mom and dad); we ordered the stroller and it's in Idaho patiently waiting for a ride up here (hopefully at the end of May if things work out the way I have them planned - that is if Emily's baby comes as planned and her DH Gary remembers to bring it up as planned); we have the crib and everything set up and waiting (well except the bedding); and I'm just trying to finish collecting all the clothes that will one day be puked and poo'd on. I can hardly wait.

Anyway, for all you that care, here is a picture of me at 28 weeks. I look really happy hey? I think it's cause the sun was in my eyes...either that or I'm trying to do the whole 'pouty/sultry look' which we know I am not capable of. Either way, you get to see my growing tummy!

Saturday, April 07, 2007


So, as I mentioned in my other post, we went down to Salt Lake for conference last weekend and although we didn't actually go to conference, we still had lots of fun (and we actually watched it on tv)! Anyway, here are some pics from the trip:

Here's Ben and I just outside of Temple square. Tan and I had taken the boys for a walk to see the temple and we just happened to see the 'men' up there too. So we hung out with them for a few minutes before they had to head off to Priesthood.

Now not all of us were conference parents did go to the Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions of conference. So, when we met up with the 'men' (and I mean men in quotes because sometimes we're not sure whether they're boys or men) we were also waiting for my parents to come out of their Saturday afternoon session. So, here we are waiting...interesting hey??
So, on Sunday afternoon (after my parents got back from conference - where they had amazing amazing seats in the very front) we went for a walk around the block by our Hotel. Someone should have warned us about the size of the blocks in Salt Lake! They look normal when you are driving the streets, but somehow a three block walk turned into an hour long torture session. Anyway, here's me strutting my stuff...I thought I was Hot stuff (that is until I sneezed...aaand I don't think I need to explain what I'm talking about)
Then on Monday Mom, Dad, Tan, Ben and I went to the "Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration" film which was a total tear jerker and so awesome! After we met up with the boys and 'men' and went on a tour of temple square. Here's a pic of Tan and Mom! They look great hey?

Here's a pic from the top of the conference center. It's such a neat little (well enormous) place up there. You can see everyone sitting and listening to the tour guuide. We were getting pretty worn out by this time and were definitely looking forward to Dinner that night. Mmmmm food.

And here's a pic of Ben and I taking a rest on the roof of the Conference Center, we were seriously sooooo tired!! Between the tour of Temple Square and the tour of the Conference Center, we took a little detour and spent hours down at the Gateway for some serious shopping.
And finally - A pic of the Salt Lake City Temple! Just gorgeous!! We went to a session on Tuesday and it was so amazing! It was actually my first time in that temple and I loved every second of it! Just awesome!

Anyway, that was basically our entire trip (minus all the hours of shopping and hanging out in the hotel...but I have no pictures of that and it wouldn't be interesting anyway). I had lots and lots of fun, and I hope to go back again soon...maybe after the babies born and I'm skinny again and can shop for normal things. Hopefully!

Oh - I couldn't's a cute one of Tan and the boys in their Sunglasses! Soooo cute!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

2nd Post in one day!!

What's wrong with me? I can not believe I'm posting twice in one day. Anyway, I was just looking through some pictures and decided to compare my 12 week belly shot with my 25 week shot to see the difference. In just 13 short weeks I have exploded! And the scary thing is, I have 15 more to go...what does that mean for me???? I guess I shall wait and see!