Monday, May 27, 2013

Let's go fly a kite!

It's been a little bit windy here lately. Not even really comparable to Southern Alberta...and clearly nothing that keeps us indoors or that has ruined days. BUT it's been windy enough on and off that the girls have been begging us to take them out to fly kites! Now, in my home (with a husband who works too much) most things fall under the "mom" category, but kite flying is one of those rare activities that is clearly 100% "dad" territory! So one day Ben rounded up the girls, pulled out the kites and took the girls down the block to the green space to fill their kite flying fix! They LOVED it! Every single little second. It was even cold and little bit windy and they still LOVED it!


So my little girls have been trying out all sorts of hobbies this year...well ok, just Gymnastics and dance. We're trying to expose them to a few different things before we let them focus...if they want to. So the verdict is in, and they seem to have enjoyed gymnastics more than dance. BUT I'm going to try them in a different dance program next year to see what they think.

Anyway, their year end recital was a few weeks ago and my oh my were they adorable! Hailey LOVED every second of it. She was ALL about the makeup and the outfit and memorizing and practicing her moves. She wanted me to take a million pictures of her in all sorts of interesting poses that were beautiful in her 5 1/2 year old mind! And they were in my mind too because I just think she's beautiful! She was so dedicated to her moves during the recital and full of concentration! Definitely made me proud!

And then Paige...she took this dance thing on like she does everything in life: 100% or not at all. You just never knew what you were going to get. At the dress rehearsal she just laid on the stage (on her back) and spun in circles while they rest of her class danced around her. So I KNEW we were going to be in for quite a show on the day of. And she didn't disappoint! At the recital we were happy to see her trying so hard and performing her dance EXACTLY how she was supposed to! And then the best was at the end when they teacher was handing out the year end certificates she just stood there...and then shimmied her tutu up her body, over her shoulders and around her neck. And she continued to just stand there. The teacher called her name, and she stood still. She called again, and Paige stood still. Then her teacher said "Is Paige here?" and Paige piped up "Yep I am!! Right here" And she still stood still. Then the teacher asked her to come over to her to collect her certificate and FINALLY Paige decided to move...after she put her tutu back where it belonged of course. It was sooooo cute and had the entire audience giggling in their seats! And in sweet Paigey fashion, she had know idea that anything had happened. Oh she adorable!

It was a great experience and I'm excited to see how they like dance this year! I just LOVE being a mom of girls!!

Sunday, May 05, 2013


I'm a sucker for traditions and for family! Friends are great and I have some really great loyal and fun friends. BUT family it where it's at! I just LOVE my family and I especially love having everyone so close. Well...of course my parents aren't close by right now, but we still love them all the way in Montreal! One of my favourite traditions is Easter  Every year the Easter bunny sends us a letter...long and detailed of course...with a breakdown of who is hunting for which eggs. There are 12 grandkids and that means over 12 groups of different styled/coloured eggs. Once the letter is read the hunt is ON! The kids run out and search...and that genius Easter bunny hides them according to age (hardest to find for the older kids, and easiest to find for the little ones). It's all sorts of fun chaos! And I LOVE every second!

Cait's Birthday

My blogging is really lacking lately....I'm just feeling so caught up in my everyday life that I'm having a hard time focusing anytime to recording it. So, here I am over a month behind and finally posting about Cait's  Birthday!

Timing was perfect for Cait's Birthday this year. All Ben's family happened to be in town so we had a little get together for her Birthday with a little Easter celebration on the side. It was great. We did a HUGE birthday for Hailey when she turned one, and then didn't do much of anything for Paige. Classic middle child. In our defense we had just put an offer in on a house, left for Holidays out of the country, and sometime while we were gone we had to officially buy the HOUSE! The house we'd only seen once...just three days before. And then we happened to move into that house less than two weeks later! It was a crazy busy few weeks and Paige's Birthday fell right in the middle of it. But we still had a cake, and family and a little party where we got to watch her one year video. A family tradition. So she certainly was not forgotten! And it most definitely loved.

Anyway...back to Cait. So we had fun opening presents...all the little girls in the family LOVED every single second of it! If they could open presents everyday of their lives I'm sure life would be complete. In fact...I should try that once in while...just re-wrap their toys. Genius! So Cait got spoiled! Of's hard to NOT spoil that baby girl!

Then we sat her down for cake. It took her a few minutes to warm up to the idea, but by the end she had us in tears! We were laughing so hard. She just gave the cake eating business her ALL! Two hands on the highchair tray...and face buried into that lovely cake! It was the perfect Birthday and we look forward to many many more with our sweet and silly baby Cait!