Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So cute!

My sister in law Rebecca just sent me the link to a few of Paige's pictures from her newborn photoshoot.

Check it out:


Paige's pictures are at the top of the page today...but for future reference they are the Newborn pictures posted on July 21st.

I'm sooooo in love with these pictures...and the kid in them:)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Life with two little ones...

Life with two little kiddos is a lot harder and a lot easier then I'd expected. First of all, labour the 2nd time around was 100 times easier!! Seriously.

I went into the hospital around 2:30 am - my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart and were pretty painful. I was only 4cm though and the nurses and doctor didn't think it was enough to guarantee a baby that night. So I hung out in triage for a few hours. Around 6:30 am my contractions were unbearable! So I asked for some pain relief...and was given fentanyl, which honestly didn't even touch the pain. It was a waste of drug. The good news though was that I was 6-7 cm...finally some progress! Unfortunately I hung out at 6-7 cms until 7:30am, at which point I begged for an epidural. My nurse wisely took her sweet time calling for the anesthesiologist and when he finally arrive at about 8ish I was in so much stinkin pain - and I was MAD. As he was prepping me I decided 'kindly' let everyone know that I was pushing - so they'd better get the epidural in me right that second because I was not planning on doing this med free. Well, the nurse, in her great wisdom decided to check me - and broke the news that I was still only 6-7 cm's. I don't think I could have been any more mad at the world as I was that second...that is until my water broke while she was checking me. And then the room turned into full on panic mode. The nurse yelled "she's ten, the baby's there, she's pushing, GET THE DOCTOR HERE RIGHT THIS SECOND!!" So I started pushing at 8:15, the doctor ran into the room at 8:20 and Paige was born at 8:22. Seven full minutes of pushing and she was here! No epidural, no tearing, and according to the doc., the easiest delivery of the day!! Yay me! Seriously, anything beats the 3 hours I pushed with Hailey.

So with that, I had a better start to this whole newborn experience. Recovery from labour this time was so much nicer then with Hailey, I was so much more confident this time around and I had more help too. My mom spent the entire first week here just helping out - and it was really really appreciated. I've been 'on my own' this entire last week and it's been a challenge, but it's bearable. The hardest part is timing things - like feeding both kids, or making sure they nap at the same time (so I can nap too). But overall, I'm adjusting pretty well. I'm exhausted, and my house is a disaster, Hailey's worn her Pj's all day long more times then I'd like to admit; but overall things are ok.

Here are some pics from the last few weeks:

My first attempt at a little photoshoot - I was just testing the lighting here, but I love how different the girls look here. They really are sisters!

Cute little Paige - the 'photoshoot' ended up not happening because Paige woke up...but this was still a cute shot
When Paige was 5 days old - our country celebrated it's 142 Birthday (I think). To honour these events, we decided to head out the Kananaskis for the day, have a little camp fire and take the little boat out for a spin. It was beautiful out there, Paige was a doll and Hailey had a blast.

Hailey and her 'munka' (her new word for Grandma)

My idea of a good ketchup ad

Later that night Ben and my dad took Hailey to see the Fireworks in town. Hailey LOVED the "works". Do you like Hailey's shirt? I got this brilliant idea from a friend of a friends...or cousins blog (I can't even remember how I know her anymore - but I do). I would link to the original idea - but I actually haven't told her that I stole the idea, plus she probably doesn't even know that I read her blog. Anyway, I truly am giving credit. But that's Hailey's handprint - cute hey??

Here's another attempt at a photoshoot with the Paigester. That face that she's making? It's pure satisfaction - she just peed and pooped all over.

So...after this final attempt at taking a cute picture of Paige, I decided to leave it to the professionals. We had Ben's sister Rebecca take Paige's newborn pictures on the weekend. All I can say is there is a reason why she charges people to take pictures and I don't. She's actually good!

Here's one of Hailey with Paige's headband...she just couldn't be left out!

Hailey is still so very in love with Paige and asks to hold her constantly! I love it!

We went for a walk to the park the other day - and I carried Paige in this little carrier. Which of course meant that Hailey just HAD to use it the rest of the day to carry her babies around in.

p.s. Hi Tan...you were probably wondering where this carrier went?? Oops, I forgot to give it back to you when I was done using it with Hailey. Anyway, you can totally have it back now if you want!

And finally, as I type, Ben is at the Stampede with Hailey. They have become the best of friends these last few weeks...and I'm so grateful for it.

Here is Hailey - all worked up because she thought dad was going to leave without her.

And her look of relief when we explained that she got to go WITH dad.
And finally a cuddle with a little 'please don't even leave me again' kind of cry.

I hope they're having fun...I know I'm appreciating my little break. I think I'll go have a nap now...I know I need one (that burst of energy I had in week one has definitely worn off)!