Saturday, June 23, 2007

Baby Shower

It's been pretty busy around here lately. I've been working lots and Ben's been finishing off his final round of schooling...which means I've been helping him study. I know more about heating and cooling a house than I think I want to. But it's great for Ben to finally be done and qualified....although he's been working like he is qualified for over a year already. It will be nice to have it all official now. I have one more week of work left which is making me I think I'm crazy! Originally June 22nd was going to be my last day...but since my job's so cushy I thought I'd bump my end date back to June 29th. Big Mistake! Cushy job or not, it's hard to be working when you can't sleep anymore and when every position you sit in is soooo uncomfortable (even with the nice ergonomic chair.) Anyway, I think I can do five more days of work...and if not, I'll just be taking a few sick days. The only reason I have to be there this week really is to pack my office and go to my goodby lunch on Thursday. It'll a bit sad leaving the company - I've been there for three years already and they really treat me well...really really well. I get tons of Holiday time, lots of money to put towards courses and upgrading to further my career and on top of that, we get every other Friday off. Who could ask for more? Oh well, I'm onto better things, right?

Last weekend we went down to Raymond for a maternity photo shoot with Ben's sister (and world class Photographer/scrapbooker) Rebecca . She's really good enough that she just published her own book! Anyway, she's pregnant too so it was kind of funny to see both of us trying to maneuver around to get the perfect shot. I had a quick look at the pictures before they left and they look great! I can not wait to see them after all the editing and finishing she does to them. I think it's a race now...what will come first - the baby or the pictures? I'm hoping the baby...mostly cause I know how busy Rebecca is and I know she's really backlogged right now (a con of being so popular) so it might take a while to get the pictures and I'm not sure if I'm willing to wait that long for the baby.

Anyway, I had a little baby shower out here in Okotoks last night. It was a lot of fun and I got lots of cute little things for our little bambina.It turns out the first Friday of summer is not the best time to have a baby shower, cause a lot of people were out of town....which was a bit sad but we still had fun with the few that were there. Anyway, here are some pics from the evening:

We played a little game where everyone guessed how big my belly was...this was the biggest guess! I must look a lot bigger than I really am.

Here's how big my belly really is...I think Sarah won (43 inches!!!)!

I love this picture partly cause we're all laughing at something...but mostly cause my belly looks huge! I literally have to hold it up now, there is sooooo much weight sitting in that ball of a belly.

Mmmm...there was lots of really good there as well. Those cinnamon buns were to die for. Seriously they were soooooo good. I took a few home with me for later. Mmmmm.
Oh and of course I couldn't forget the diaper cake. Isn't that the cutest thing ever?? I love it!

So now we're in the home stretch. My due date is July 17th which means any day now or not for weeks yet. I'm kind of hoping for an early baby...but not too early, maybe something around July 10th....but I'll settle for a late baby too. Either way she'll be here before we know it and our life will never be the same! I'm excited!

Friday, June 01, 2007


My Stroller just arrived!! I'm seriously so excited! Here are some pics of how cool this thing is:

So first of all, it has a nice little carseat attachment:

Then you can have the baby facing out:

And finally facing you:

Cool hey? I've seriously been searching for months (well years for the perfect stroller) and I found my dream stroller here:

But the Bugaboo's were totally out of my price range. So, then I fell in love with this one

...but it was a bit pricey too (at least for the stroller all by itself...I am a cheapskate you know). So finally I found this little number:

Which I ended up buying. It had all the features I wanted (i.e. something for the baby when it's brand new - like the carseat adapter or a bassinet, the reversible seat, and finally big durable wheels) plus it seriously was soooo cheap. So, maybe it won't be as good of quality, but for the price I paid, it was worth it!! Can you tell I'm happy? Now all I need is a little baby to test it out on...any volunteers??

p.s. I owe Emily and Gary a big thankyou for bringing it up to Canada for me...and then my parents for picking it from them and dropping it off right at my door step. Talk about service!

Another two weeks down...plenty more to go

So, it's now turning into a waiting game...and I was really hoping it wouldn't happen so soon. I'm only 33 weeks which means I've got a loooong ways to go still, so why am I hoping things come sooner than later? Probably because I'm huge! My belly is giant and it seriously sticks straight out. I look exactly like the ladies I used to make fun of, you know, the ones who look like they ate a giant basketball. It's fun to be so obviously pregnant...but it's so uncomfortable. I can't roll over in bed at all - I used to be able to after some straining and moaning, but now I actually have to get out of bed (which is a process in itself) and then climb back in, but this time facing the other direction. No wonder I'm so tired. Anyway, enough complaining...I'm actually really enjoying this pregnancy and I'm looking forward to the prize at the end. I'm also very very very grateful for what I have and for how blessed I am to be having a healthy little baby, there isn't more that I could ask for. So, here's a pic of Ben and I all dressed up for church...the tent of a dress somehow manages to hide the enormity of my belly.Anyway, the Waterton trip turned out to be pretty fun...although it was sooooo tiring! I've totally turned into a wimp. We spent a few hours on Sunday night taking pictures of eachother - you know, we're soooo photogenic we figured we might as well not waste our beauty. I'll just warn you, we were tired and silly...which should explain why we look so HOT!
And here's what the boys did while the girls were playing 'model'. I'm sure Ben's sad he didn't come!

And here's why I'm such a wimp:
Seriously, we walked all day on Monday. We went for a walk around the town site, then for a walk by Red Rock Canyon and then a walk to Blakiston falls and back. I think it was easy stuff for everyone else, but for me it was like I'd just run a Marathon...seriously, it took me almost a week to recover from our little walks. Anyway, I realize I look like a teletubby in that poncho...but my mom said it looked cute and I believed her - until now! Oh well, it covered up my belly since my coat kept popping open, maybe it's time to invest in a bigger coat...maybe next time.