Friday, June 01, 2007

Another two weeks down...plenty more to go

So, it's now turning into a waiting game...and I was really hoping it wouldn't happen so soon. I'm only 33 weeks which means I've got a loooong ways to go still, so why am I hoping things come sooner than later? Probably because I'm huge! My belly is giant and it seriously sticks straight out. I look exactly like the ladies I used to make fun of, you know, the ones who look like they ate a giant basketball. It's fun to be so obviously pregnant...but it's so uncomfortable. I can't roll over in bed at all - I used to be able to after some straining and moaning, but now I actually have to get out of bed (which is a process in itself) and then climb back in, but this time facing the other direction. No wonder I'm so tired. Anyway, enough complaining...I'm actually really enjoying this pregnancy and I'm looking forward to the prize at the end. I'm also very very very grateful for what I have and for how blessed I am to be having a healthy little baby, there isn't more that I could ask for. So, here's a pic of Ben and I all dressed up for church...the tent of a dress somehow manages to hide the enormity of my belly.Anyway, the Waterton trip turned out to be pretty fun...although it was sooooo tiring! I've totally turned into a wimp. We spent a few hours on Sunday night taking pictures of eachother - you know, we're soooo photogenic we figured we might as well not waste our beauty. I'll just warn you, we were tired and silly...which should explain why we look so HOT!
And here's what the boys did while the girls were playing 'model'. I'm sure Ben's sad he didn't come!

And here's why I'm such a wimp:
Seriously, we walked all day on Monday. We went for a walk around the town site, then for a walk by Red Rock Canyon and then a walk to Blakiston falls and back. I think it was easy stuff for everyone else, but for me it was like I'd just run a Marathon...seriously, it took me almost a week to recover from our little walks. Anyway, I realize I look like a teletubby in that poncho...but my mom said it looked cute and I believed her - until now! Oh well, it covered up my belly since my coat kept popping open, maybe it's time to invest in a bigger coat...maybe next time.


J B & N Rawlins said...

OK you are so funny Meagan! You do look soo cute in the poncho!! Your mom is right!
Your belly is ADORABLE! I love the SUPER prego look too! I loved peing pregnant... but yes I will agree and remmeber so clearly the last 5 or 6 weeks of discomfort in bed.. heart burn, no moving, sleeping sitting up - have you gotten there yet? that is THE PITS!
Anyway - you are adorable and your stroller looks AWESOME! I think a stroller is so important... I hate mine, I think you will really like that one!

Anonymous said...

Sorry everyone in the house, but I just had to laugh out loud -- out REAL loud. I knew we'd taken pictures of the guys sleeping, but they looked so funny there in a row on the couch after reading about the "modelling" pics and your lead in,"and here's what the boys did...." Too funny. :)
It was a great weekend (day) and don't forget the secret best hamburgers in the whole wide world place! Yummm. We almost stopped there again this weekend on the way home from the temple.
Love, Mom