Friday, July 09, 2010


Oh life, honestly. Why so busy?

In the last two and a half weeks we have been to a family reunion where we camped (and visited with friends), we celebrated my dads retirement, we drove to BC to visit/camp with the Allred's, we celebrated a first Birthday, we camped in Montana for a week with my family, Aaaaaand we also may have bought another house (Things are still so much up in the air right now so it's not an official announcement, but hopefully things will work out in the next few days).

What do the next few weeks hold? A third Birthday, another camping trip, a move into a new home (which also includes finding renters for this home?), Stampede (Yeehaw!), aaaaaand my brother Josh's wedding!!! Yippee!

So're're good...please continue to be good...but PLEASE slow down.

Also, house...please work out...please let things run smoothly...please let us enjoy this.

With that said - here are pictures from the first two events (Family Reunion...and Dad's Retirement):

I don't have a lot of pictures from the Family reunion (oops), just one of Hailey and some of her cousins on the train ride through the campground.

Oh and do you recognize this girl??

You may recognize her as Hailey's little friend Jocelyn from way back when they were little tiny babies (here, here, and here). We used to visit with each other all the time, but then life just got busy and we stopped getting together nearly as much. We'll have to change that because...

...these two just love each other!

We were so happy to see the Otto's there that weekend. It was a fun surprise to have so many friends to camp with!

And finally the whole family at Dads little retirement party a week later. I think I have 10 versions of this picture, this is the best (so no complaining anyone).
It's weird to think that my dad is retired. What is he going to do with his time now? I know he'll just do more church work, but surely that can't take up all his time. I'm sure my mom would like an answer to that question though.

Anyway, I have another two posts dedicated to pictures of everything else we've been up to lately, so please read on below....enjoy.

BC - Yahk

Pictures from BC with the Allred's.

We had so much fun here. Kyla's Grandparents were so loving with my kids and so generous to have us stay for so long (and let us park our RV on their lawn). We had fun quadding, playing in the kiddie pool, sliding on the slip 'n slide, catching butterflies, sitting around the campfire, watching movies, watching trains, eating, riding trikes, and visiting. While were there, Paige officially celebrated her Birthday. So late that night we opened a few gifts with her. I just can NOT believe she's this old already.

Paige on the morning of her B-day.
Just minutes before we packed her into the car to start the Holiday

Opening Presents late at night on her Birthday

The fam on Paige's Birthday - Hailey wearing her new goggles

There is nothing more fun then a little slip 'n slide

Paige - you are silly

These two kiddos were lucky to have K's grandma cart them around. Lucky lucky girls!

Did I tell you? This baby girl is walking!!

This butterfly might have made this child's day!! Fun hey?

We had fun! Thanks to the Allred's for inviting us to stay. See the next post for pictures from Montana with my family.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Montana...Paiger's Birthday

Pictures from Montana - most importantly Paige's 1st Birthday

So most of my family was in Montana with us last week. We all stayed at the same campground (two of our families in our trailers, one in a 'rustic cabin' and my parents in the Bed and Breakfast portion. I enjoyed visiting with the family and the break from real life, Ben enjoyed not working, My girls enjoyed having their cousins around...and Hailey especially loved having uncle Nick to play with.

Actually, I think all the kids did:
Don't you like how we camp? We have power, water, sewer hookups as well as wi-fi. If I can't check my Facebook, it's just not camping. Right??

Now Paige...she just loved her Aunt Sarah. Really, she did. I hope all that cuddling sent some baby cravings Sarah's way:) One day we took our qauds back into the bush and took all the little kids for rides...well the adults happily participated too.

Hailey and Nick - these two were almost inseparable. I think Hailey has a little crush.
Maybe Nick thinks she's kind of cute too...because I sure do.

Paige and her closest girl cousin in age - Tia (and Aunt Tan). I see lots of fun in their future.
Nate taking Mom on a quad ride - looks like mom's having fun:)

Becc taking me for a ride...for a newbie at the quad thing, Becc sure ripped the place up!

One day while the guys were out shooting things (it's true), the rest of us went go carting, bumper boating and played some mini golf.
Page Slept

Hailey and Hondro

Getting ready for some bumper boats with G-ma

Then later we decided we needed to set off some Fireworks.

Matthew didn't need to be convinced.

Neither did Nick or Ben

And then the next day we had a little celebration for Paige to mark her Birthday. And mostly to get the token kid destroying a cake picture.

I Just love this little girl

She just loved her little cake

Hailey was in agreement

They totally devoured it...and then wanted more

So that's it. Now we're into packing mode. We have a lot to do before life calms down for a bit...but all is good.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Paige - One Year

Here's proof that Paige is one year old! We celebrated her Birthday while driving to BC with the Allred's. And then we celebrated again with my Family in Montana while we were all there for a little Holiday. Paige is the sweetest, craziest, funnest, silliest little girl ever. It's NOT at all surprising that she's one of our Favourite Things!


Paige One Year from Meagan McCance on Vimeo.