Monday, January 28, 2013

2 to 3...the honest truth

Back when I was pregnant with Cait I remember being warned. I was told ALL the horror stories about how two kids was a handful and three was just a disaster. Which by the way...thanks for the WARNING! You's not like there was anything I could do about it. The baby was on her way no matter warning me served no purpose other than to scare me. Anyway, I didn't believe anyone. I deserved an easy baby. I really did. Hailey was a handful in only the ways that I was a new mom. As an experienced mom I would says she wasn't all that tough. But I do remember the only way I could get her to nurse passed 4 months was in a dark room...standing up...rocking and bouncing her with white noise in the background. And we lasted 16 months!!!  Paige. Well she was so much my baby and only my baby. Others learned pretty quickly to not even bother looking at her otherwise hysterics would ensue. She LOVED her soother...and as along is it (and me) were nearby, we were good to go. She had a few rough adjustments to sleeping, but by the time she was 6 months old I was guaranteed a good full sleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! It really wasn't that hindsight.

And then Cait came along. She was a bit colicky to start. Then she chilled right out. Everyone was wrong...completely wrong! She was relaxed, quiet, slept like a dream etc. etc. etc. Life was smooth. There was no impending disaster. Three kids was a piece of cake! Then she got her first kidney infection. And then another and another....and you get the point. Things went down hill pretty fast. Everything changed. She started waking at night when she never used to, she would cry all day long, she was just so unhappy. She had a surgery in October and we hoped for a change in attitude. But it felt like things just got worse! I would say we have a happy Cait maybe 20% of the time, and then the other 80%...well that's when I barely make it through the day. I cry a LOT. The poor big girls, they are VERY neglected. And then there's Ben. He just works soooo much! And when he's home, he's got three (ok 4) crying girls to deal with. It's pretty rough.

I don't know. Today has clearly been a pretty rough day. The baby's sick...and I feel like I have been running on empty for too long. I'm also so conflicted right now. I just really want 4 kids. I LOVE the idea of 4 grown children...but I'm not sure if I can handle another baby. Or if it's even fair to my other kids. I want to volunteer in school with my kids...but I can't so easily when I have a baby. Especially a cranky one! I'm jealous of other moms who have 'easy' babies...or who handle the cranky ones with ease. And I don't want to be jealous. I have this beautiful life! I have sooooo many blessings. I have great children...and I especially love that crying baby! I have a pretty amazing husband. He's patient and kind and gently and fun and crazy and just plain awesome! I also know that pretty soon this rough little patch in my life with be a distant memory...and I'll one day say "it wasn't that bad" again. I know it. But until then, I thought I'd just share a bit of honesty.

Here's a picture of Cait...see that face? That face is trouble brewing! LOL. She is one mischievous babe!
p.s. this post came from some social media frustration, I feel I'm getting a bit sick of the perfect lives everyone portrays on instagram and facebook. It's so refreshing to hear some honesty once in a while. It's also ok to brag once in a while too. But it sure can beat me while I'm down.

p.p.s. since I'm pretty sure my mom is the only one who still reads this. And since she's across the country and will worry...just know I'm actually ok! Life is pretty good!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's a Party

One of the those parenting things I'm still learning (among MANY) is how to take care of the middle child. I'm not sure if I had a great example on how to do this since my parents dealt with their middle child LONG before I came along. And then when I was born I was the baby forever and once Sarah came along I was never forgotten. Having siblings so far from my age had it's benefits.

But since my kids are pretty much 2 years apart it's been a bit of a struggle to make sure they're each happy and taken care of. This year has been especially hard on Paige with Hailey at school. Hailey gets to do all sorts of fun school, concerts, parent free gymnastics etc. But the biggest of all the Birthday Parties she gets to go to that Paige just isn't invited to.

So I took a page from my moms parenting book and threw a party for Paige's baby dolls! She got to pick her favourite two (baby dum...and love baby), we went to the dollar store and bought them each a gift, we bought stickers for a craft and a treat for the treat bags. Paige then wrapped the gifts, got her best party dress on and posed for the first picture.

We sang Happy Birthday to her Babies

Paige helped them blow out the candles

She acted genuinely surprised while helping open the gifts

And she devoted all her attention to opening her Smarties from the treat bag she decorated!

It was a super easy and very fun afternoon for Paige and me. This 'one on one' time was just what we both needed. I think we'll have more little Birthday's in the near future!

p.s. do you like her babies' names? Baby Dum - well, that's a good one. It originates from Ben...he calls them Baby dolls, and Paigey just couldn't quite say it right. Somehow it ended up as Baby Dum. 

And 'Love Baby'... Oh my Love Baby. She's MY first baby. Honestly, I thought she was my baby growing up. And still to this day I am quite tender with her. I am careful to make sure her head is supported correctly etc. She's a VERY VERY loved doll and has brought me MANY great memories!

Monday, January 07, 2013

A random intro to 2013

We've just been lazy lazy lazy lately! We just tried to take it easy between Christmas and school starting up again. We've done a LOT of playing at home...and nothing else. So here are a few random pictures:

I never get tired of this little girls profile:

This baby LOVES the dishwasher

She also LOVES to make a mess while eating

My middle child has come out of her shell a bit...she LOVES to perform little songs and shows all the time

I spent the day hanging out with my good Friend Laura and tried to take a few pictures in her studio...I didn't have a willing participant

These loved, so adorable, so much personality

Waiting for Daddy

Anyway...we're just slowly coming to terms with the fact that reality hits tomorrow when Hailey goes back to school. I/we really enjoyed these few weeks of no schedules or responsibility! I'd like a few more!

p.s. I've been working on a little project. I started a photo-a-day blog. Have a peek: One-a-day