Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just had to share....

So maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I couldn't resist. This is my first attempt at making anything, so judging. However, now that I figured out how to do this, they can only get better!


Monday, November 26, 2007

Tag...I'm it!

Ok...thanks for all your input on the decorating! You've just made it harder though - I was soooo set on the brown and now I'm second guessing the red idea. I do think there needs to be a mantel...and I like the art cover over the TV....although we're thinking of just moving the TV permanently once the basement's developed, that might be an easier solution (thanks for the suggestion Amy...I remember you! It's always fun to know that there are people out there that actually read this blog). So I'll keep you all posted on what we end up doing...hopefully we'll decide on something this week and maybe...just maybe we'll paint on Saturday! onto the regular blogging. I found this little questionnaire on...well... everyone's blog. And since no one tagged me...I'll just do it all my self.

It's all about My hubby:

What is his name? Benjamin McCance

How long have you been married? almost 5 years...Holy Shmokes - where did those 5 years go??

Ok...look at his 'fro - oh man. We thought we were soooo cool. I had crimped hair and he had a bleached blond afro! What were we thinking??

How long did you date? we dated for about 1 year total...9 months of true dating and 3 months engaged...we were young and had to be REAL sure we were making the right decision. So far so good!

How old is he? 27...and a half! He would be so embarrassed that I added the half...I love counting in half years

Who eats more? ME...without a question. I'm a Woodruff..we know how to eat. He's a McCance - they eat like birds. Really, when we have family gathering it's always me and Lauren (another inlaw) going in for seconds. Everyone else is full half way through the meal...light weights.

Who said I love you first? I did...but only after Ben asked me if I loved he kind of made me say it...I was pretty sure I loved I KNOW I love him

Who is taller? Ben

Who sings better? Me...but not because I'm any good...but because Ben doesn't sing.

Who is smarter? Depends...I'm definitely way more book smart - sorry Ben. But he's so much smarter in every other much smarter!

Whose temper is worse? Um me...well I have the louder temper - it's more obvious. He's got one too, you just don't ever no he's mad. Ok...I'm just trying to make myself sound good.

Who does the laundry? Me...unless there's no clean underwear then it's him. I can hold out...Ok that's embarrassing.

Who does the dishes? Me...and only me! I don't even think Ben knows where the dishwasher is!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? when we're laying down I do. I used to sleep on the left, but then this one night I slept on his side and as luck would have it that's the night my water broke. So, I've been banished to the right side from now on. Ben wants nothing to do with that side now. Sorry...TMI i know (TMI=too much information)

Who pays the bills? I do...he used to until I figured out you could do it online, and since Ben doesn't know how to use the computer (crazy I know) I'm stuck doing it.

Who mows the lawn? He does...I don't think I've ever mowed a lawn ever

Who cooks dinner? Me..always! once in a while he'll make sandwhiches...or Kraft Dinner - but that's it!

Who drives when you are together? Always him...especially in the truck.

Who is more stubborn? ME

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Usually me...but I don't always mean it. It's just a way to get him to see how humble I am...and guilt him into apologizing. Ahh, the classic guilt trip.

Whose parents do you see the most? Together? Mine. Alone? His. Ben sees his dad everyday because they work together...we see my parents usually once a week.

Who proposed? Ben a helicopter in the mountains - pretty cool I must say.

Who has more friends? We've got to be equal...we're kind of equal in not having any friends.

Who has more siblings? Me - I've got six (including me)...he's got four (including him)

Who wears the pants in the family?Totally depends...we both think we do.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Okay...I need help!

So I don't expect much of a response because I'm sure most of you stopped checking my blog a looong time ago...I'm sure you got bored of the lack of posts. Anyway, for those of you that are still reading...I need some decorating advice. Right now our house is sort of boring...when we built it we only could choose one paint colour and that's still what we have. I alway planned on painting, but never got around to it. Well, now that I'm home all day I think it's about time I made this place look really nice. I want to paint an accent's a picture of what it looks like right now:

What I don't want to change:
  • the layout
  • the carpet
  • the art work
  • the furniture
What needs to be changed:
  • the wall calour
  • the art...i.e. it NEEDS to be framed!
  • anything that will make it less boring
So here is one idea:

And here's another:

What do you think? Please don't pay attention to the horrible editing's rough - but who has time to make it perfect? NOT ME! I think if I were to frame the pictures that's what they'd look like...although they'd be hanging straight and the angles wouldn't be crazy like they are...once again - I just don't have time to make it perfect.

Anyway please....what do you think? I know there are people out there that don't post or's your time! Please let me know!


oh...and watch out, there will be a bathroom decorating post coming soon. I have a stupidly over sized 'powder room' that needs some serious attention. But that'll come next!

Friday, November 16, 2007


(I got this idea from another blog I read...I love it because now I can remember all Hailey's stages)
At 4 months old you:
  • are getting bigger by the minute
  • are starting to giggle...just a little
  • love it when I put you on the're not a big fan of being held
  • can't quite roll over but you sure try
  • spit up sooooo much still...but not nearly as bad as before....thank you for modern medicine
  • make eye contact with everyone and give smiles away to anyone...but only one per person
  • make all the perfect noises every baby should
  • play with all your toys...well at least you grab them and try to suck on them
  • love your moms's way better than your thumb
  • still won't take a soother...but that thumb sure tastes good
  • eat every 4 hours and take three naps a day
  • don't wake up at night to eat any all
  • loooove your daddy and talk to him all the time and squeal with joy every time he holds you
  • still fall asleep in the car...but only if mom holds your soother in...or even better, her finger!
  • love getting your diaper changed...especially when you poop - that's funny
  • you only poop once a week, but when you do...we all duck and hide until it's over
  • have mastered the blank can give a mean glare too
  • love to watch tv...even though it's not always're always looking at it
  • make your mom and dad so happy....we love you!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

4 whole months...

Have passed since Hailey was born. Wow...I can't believe she's that old - she's no longer the smallest baby when we go fact she's a bit of a chunker. Here's a quick comparison...
The first one was when she was not even 24 hours old, and that second picture was her yesterday at exactly 4 months old. Can she get any cuter? I remember putting her in that carseat for the first time and thinking how there was no way she would ever fill it out. Now...she's pretty much the perfect size for it...and at almost 15 pounds she's getting closer to being too big for it! We've got a while still...but gosh she's getting big!

Anyway, we've been busy lately. Last week we went to Calgary and had lunch with some old friends...Laura...Dashanne...and Estelle. Hailey pretty much cried the whole time. Laura and Estelle's girls played the whole time, Dashanne's baby just smiled and sat like an angel the whole time and Laura's baby slept the whole time. It was fun though!! Here's one quick you get an idea of what they girls were like...Hailey had just about had it!

So I didn't put their names on the picture just because I wasn't sure if you girls were comfortable with that...also if you want me to remove this pic from my blog I will...just let me know!

Ok...onto the business at hand. Then the next day Rebecca and Randal came up for a visit with their newest member of the family - Addie! Hailey is very very excited to have a cousin so close in age! They are only three months apart! So we visited with them and got to know their little baby girl...we're very excited to watch her grow up...we know she'll be friends with Hailey!

So then later in the week I hung out with Tan...we're often husbandless on the weekends so we used to get together all the time (before Hailey came around). Anyway, we finally decided to get together again...well I finally got up the guts to spend the evening away... and we had a movie night on Saturday - just for us girls - well and anyone else who wanted to come, but most people have husbands around on the weekends. Anyway, before the movie we got the kids all bundled up and took them for a the freezing-cold-windy-weather...we were desperate to get out:

And then yesterday Hailey and I went out to Airdrie and spent the afternoon with Becc and my friend Chantelle. We had lunch...ate way too much food and just hung out. It was nice to see them again...Hailey loves watching Chantelle's little girl move around and she loves it when Becc's Bradley pets her head. He's sooo cute! They are all so cute!

And that's it! It's been a busy few weeks for me...although I'm sure that would be normal for most of you...but for the Hailey-babe and me, we're used to just hanging out around the house. It was nice to get out, but we're looking forward to some down time now.

Friday, November 02, 2007

I like Pumpkins

But this one I love!

Ok - I'm not a not a pro at taking pictures...but I thought I'd play around with my camera and they turned out half decent. But it's definitely not something I plan to least not until I get some proper equipment, and maybe a little but of talent.

So we had big plans this year to take Hailey to some little trick or treat thing with Tan and the boys...but Hailey decided to get sick instead. The poor baby had a cold...which of course I got too - but 10 times worse. I'm still fighting this stupid thing. I used to never get sick...and if I did, I was better within a day or two. I guess that's the beauty of being able to sleep all day. But now that I've got a baby around she just sucks all my energy out...literally she's sucking everything I have. So, I'm still fighting this stupid cold and really hoping it's nothing worse. You know I'm not feeling well when I pass up things like: seeing my new little niece Addie in person or celebrating Carson's 3rd Birthday. Seriously it's breaking my heart that everyone is getting together tomorrow and I have to stay home...but I'm sure no one wants me around if it means a three week old Addie gets sick. So that's why I'm not going....but it still makes me sad. I'll just pass the day away by playing on the computer...sleeping when Hailey naps...watching bowling on tv (I'll admit, I watched 2 hours of bowling already this week...can you say white trash???) and maybe....and this is a big maybe...I'll clean my bathroom. I had a little accident yesterday... not that type of accident. I was trying to do the whole mouthwash thing but I was too tired to get a cup and too sick to drink straight from the bottle - so I tried pouring it into my mouth. As it turns out, I never got good at the aiming for my mouth from a distance thing...I must not have played enough sports...or maybe all the time on the bench during basketball games meant I never had to drink any water from a bottle. You know, if you don't even break a sweat, you don't need refreshing. Anyway, I missed my mouth with the mouthwash and poured it all over the floor. And since I was sick I just left it theory was that since it's mostly just alcohol it will just evaporate away and no one will notice a thing. Turns out there's some sort of sticky syrupy stuff in it...seriously how can that be good for your teeth?? If my floor is now sticky...imagine how sticky my teeth must be! Anyway, that's what I plan to do tomorrow.