Sunday, August 26, 2007

We've got smiles!!

So Hailey is now smiling tons for us! Seriously, she is one happy baby! She's still not too sure if she's ready to smile for the camer, so we have to catch her when she least expects it!

Besides that, not much is new around here. Hailey is growing like a weed, Ben's working hard, and I'm doing my best to keep things together around here. I actually mopped the floor the other day...what I would do for a cleaning lady (or man...I'm not picky). That would be the life! Anyway, here are some pics of the babe smiling:
And oen of Hailey and her proud daddy:

And one of me and Hailey....all the pictures of me are taken on Sunday cause that's the only day I actually do my hair and put makeup on.So I've decided I probably need to start thinking about getting back in shape...I know I have plenty of time before I really need to worry about it, but it can't hurt to think about it now. It's been 6 weeks and I haven't done a maybe I'll start working out soon or something. Who knows, I might just hang out in this post baby grace period just a little longer...I'm allowed to be chubby for a while right? I wonder how long that is though? Eventually people are going to start wondering whether I'm pregnant again or not so one of these days I've got to make sure it's clear to everyone...I'm just a little chubby!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Love Baby

So when I was little I had a doll called 'Love Baby'. She had a real name when I got her, but it was Farley! So, being the sensible girl I was I decided to give her a more practical name...hence the name 'Love Baby'. Makes sense right? I think it was pretty creative seeing how all my other dolls were called Meagan...I knew what I liked and I stuck to it. Anyway, Love Baby was my baby...she really was. When we'd go on Holidays she always had to have baby sitters...who usually ended up being Josh's GI Joe's. I had Birthdays for her every year - or sometimes every month depending on what mom would allow. She had a carseat and had to be buckled in if she ever came in the car. I seriously thought this doll was real. She was my favourite favourite that her body had to be remade a few times...she just got soooo much lovin' from me. Anyway, I was out visiting Becc last week and we were looking at some pictures of Hailey and we decided she actually looks just like Love Baby. I know it's silly, but I never thought anything could top my love for Love Baby...but somehow this real live little Love Baby wins without a douct. But don't worry, the original Love baby is a close second...she still has a special spot in my heart! So here is a picture of Ben and my new Love baby, I'll have to find a picture of the original baby that stole my heart so you can compare.

I just love this little baby girl of mine...seriously I just love her!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

One Month...tomorrow!

So I almost can't believe it, but Hailey is going to be one month old tomorrow. This last month has been a complete blur! I can clearly remember the day before she was born, and then the 14 hours of labour...but the other four weeks after that have completely flown by with out my approval. I've heard that they grow up so quickly, but I never realized it would be this quick. I'm already starting to weed out the clothes that don't fit her anymore! How can my little baby have already outgrown an outfit? Anyway, we've been busy lately. Last week we went shopping a few times, went to Airdrie to visit Becc and show Hailey off to her admiring Cousins, we had visitors to our house and Hailey played "model" for Laura's Bella Babies business...hopefully one day she'll be famous! Yesterday we went to a full three hours of Church...and Hailey was a complete doll - she slept almost the entire time! Speaking of sleep...this little girl is a total champ! Every day so far this week she has slept for over 5 hours at night!! I'm loooooooving this! Last night she went 7 hours between her last feed and when I finally woke her up to eat. Every book I read says I shouldn't let her go more than 5 hours at night...but everyone I talk to says I should just let her sleep if she wants to. I tried to let her sleep, but my discomfort took over and I had to wake her to eat. I'm seriously loving this sleeping at night thing! Anyway, here is a picture of her from last week...her first Sunday:

And then from Yesterday...the two of us! She looks a little surprised...but really she was on the verge of screaming!

Friday, August 03, 2007


SO I finally got some sleep...turns out it was a let down problem ( I started trying to nurse on one side and things seem to be a bit better - she's not as gassy and definitely sleeps better. I just took her into the public health centre here and had her weighed and she seems to be doing great...she's at 9 pounds already. At this rate, I'm going to have a little chunker on my hands. SO thanks Jeni for the book suggestion, it's funny that you recommend Baby Wise, cause I swear it's my baby bible. Every time I have a spare minute I'm reading (and re-reading it) just to make sure I'm on track. I need a baby that will sleep. Jewel, I love your suggestion too of letting Ben take some of the night battles...I try to, but with his stupid wrist, he can hardly do anything with Hailey with out me hovering to make sure he doesn't drop her. His cast hopefully comes off in just a few hopefully he can help more then. Anyway, Hailey's a little puker...likely due to the let down problem and I think. Anyway because of this she ends up getting lots of baths (or sponge baths depending on how good I feel). Anyway today after her bath Hailey asked me to do her hair like her dads...all curly and cute. So of course I listened and let her hair go curly - seriously who can resist a curly blonde baby?? I'll admit, I'm a sucker. Anyway, she gladly posed for one pic: ...but after checking herself out in the mirror she let her true emotions be known. Obviously I didn't do it right. Oh well, until she learns to do her own hair she's just going to have to deal with my styling skills. Sadly the curl doesn't stick around once her hair is dry just ends up being a little mohawk/wave thing. Which is also too cute!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I don't know how you guys do it...

I was just reading through some of my friends blogs and decided to take a little trip back in time on Jeni's blog to when her little Natalie was born. How did you do it girl?? You posted something almost every single day!! Where did you get the energy? For me a good day is one where I actually get dressed....a really good day means I put a bra on...and if it's fabulous, I might even shower and brush my teeth. So you can tell when I'm actually blogging, I'm either just totally crazy and sleep deprived...or I might just be having a really really fabulous day (you can make the call based on how much sense I actually make when I type).

Anyway, today I'm just totally sleep deprived. Hailey is trying to teach her mom how to NOT sleep through the night. It's not that she cries or anything, she just grunts and groans the ENTIRE night! She definitely has some gas issues and I'm still trying to figure them out. But until then, it means I hardly sleep anymore. Everyone keeps telling me the first 6 weeks are the everyday I find myself counting down until week 6....that was at least until Tan told me I should really be counting down until month 6. Ahhhh!! Anyway, I think what I'll do is try to enjoy these sleepless nights because she really is a total doll...even when she's screaming! And one day she'll be sleeping through the night, and morning and all the way into the afternoon and all I'll want her to do is clean her room or something. So, I guess a few weeks (or months) of no sleep will be OK cause she'll more than make up for it later....she's just lucky she's so cute!

Anyway, here are some pics of the princess when she is sleeping.

I've got to figure out what to with her's a bit out of control

Doing the wake up stretch She's really funny to watch wake up....she's all stretches and grunts...too cute!

Here she is in her little carrier...she's so sweet and so tiny

And then you zoom out...she's really really tiny!

And here's dad showing off his skills with his cast arm...he's getting pretty good!