Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Love Baby

So when I was little I had a doll called 'Love Baby'. She had a real name when I got her, but it was Farley! So, being the sensible girl I was I decided to give her a more practical name...hence the name 'Love Baby'. Makes sense right? I think it was pretty creative seeing how all my other dolls were called Meagan...I knew what I liked and I stuck to it. Anyway, Love Baby was my baby...she really was. When we'd go on Holidays she always had to have baby sitters...who usually ended up being Josh's GI Joe's. I had Birthdays for her every year - or sometimes every month depending on what mom would allow. She had a carseat and had to be buckled in if she ever came in the car. I seriously thought this doll was real. She was my favourite thing...so favourite that her body had to be remade a few times...she just got soooo much lovin' from me. Anyway, I was out visiting Becc last week and we were looking at some pictures of Hailey and we decided she actually looks just like Love Baby. I know it's silly, but I never thought anything could top my love for Love Baby...but somehow this real live little Love Baby wins without a douct. But don't worry, the original Love baby is a close second...she still has a special spot in my heart! So here is a picture of Ben and my new Love baby, I'll have to find a picture of the original baby that stole my heart so you can compare.

I just love this little baby girl of mine...seriously I just love her!!


Jewel said...

She is a doll and no doubt your little "Love Baby". That's so sweet! I miss you a lot. I don't have your email address so check to see if you have mine and email me, otherwise I'll just be old fashioned and pick up the phone one of these days and give you a call. Cherish every moment (even those late nights)...cause these little babies don't stay so little for long!

Anonymous said...

I suspect the original Love Baby was you and the second Love Baby is likely still in storage under the stairs. We should find her and take pictures of the three Love Babies together -- you, Hailey and your beloved doll.

And I easily found room in my heart for all my Love Babies. :)