Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I do not make happy babies

Seriously, there is something wrong with my genes because I'm two for two when it comes to tough kids. The thing is, Hailey was a hundred times easier as a newborn than Paige. I was really hoping for that 'easy as as can be' second child. We're between weeks 6 and 7 right now - when it's supposed to be getting easier according to...everyone, and well, it's NOT!

So Ben and I have discussed it and he's pretty sure it's my genes...I think it's his. His reasoning is that he was the easiest baby in the world plus he's the easiest person to get along with now - so there is no way a screaming baby is his fault. He's also pretty sure that even though my mom says I was her easiest baby - that she's just saying that because she has to. And he also thinks my personality today plays a role in it all - read: I'm obviously not that easy to get along with. I'm pretty sure it's his genes that are causing this problem....my reasoning? Well, I'm not that easy to get along with, so I don't need any reasoning :) Ha ha ha.

Anyway, I'm sort of at the end of my rope with this kid. I thrive on structure and routine (ok...honestly I thrive on sleep - a good 9-10 hours of it, and I'm just not getting it). I'll be so much happier once Paige is on a schedule, but right now she's soooo far from figuring it out! I need her to sleep properly, and to eat properly and to stop screaming all the time. She's just not a happy camper. But she's just soooo sweet, sweet enough that I'll keep her around a bit longer! For example, this moring, after a particularly rough night I held her in my arms, tears still fresh on my cheeks, and said in my exhausted and somewhat defeated kind of voice:

Paige, please do better

And her reply?
The sweetest most adorable smile ever.
It's not her fault, she's obviously just so uncomfortable, and we're really really hoping something works soon. We're not sure what it will be, but she surely can't be like this forever! Right??

Anyway - Paige-alicious, we love you! We're really so happy to have you in our family!! Hailey loves having a sister, Dad loves having another pretty girl to show off, and I just love you!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Guess who turned 2

Yep....I can't believe it! We have a little two year old running around this house. And a newborn. Sigh....life.

Anyway, we celebrated the day in a very low key fashion - I made Hailey a cake and we had Hailey's BFF Kyla (and her parents) over for cake and then we all went to see Ice Age. It was Hailey's first movie in the theatre ever, and let me just say - she LOVED every second.

Then to really mark the occasion we had another really...very low key gathering of a few friends from the community. We spent the afternoon at the Beach. When I say low key I mean it...I didn't do anything special. So basically it was a more of a play date at the Beach. Which honestly was all I could handle with a 2 week old. And (because I had a 2 week old) I took one and only one picture from the day...and it wasn't even at the Beach. At least it was the spray park beside the Beach. Hailey is in love with water and especially the spray park. No Fear. That girl has no fear whatsoever!

Hailey got a new bike from Ben and I...which is still too big. So she actually rides her bike from last year still...which is also still too big. But that's what Birthday's are for. Plus (and I'm whispering this because if Hailey ever found out she'd be mortified that we cheaped out on her Birthday), anyway, we bought this trike for $5 at a garage sale. Lucky us!

The girls . a little tummy time . a little love . maybe too much love

We have been having some summer fun here too. There is this awesome spray park just a few minutes from our house...so a bunch of us from the community took our kids out for the day. It was fun! Here are all the kiddos (minus the one's who were on a potty break...I guess that's what happens when you're potty trained. Does it sound like I'm trying to justify the fact that I'm not potty training Hailey yet? Well it's true, I'm just not ready)

And Hailey loving on Kyla...Hailey loves Kyla so much, and Kyla so kindly puts up with it.

So last week we went camping down in Montana ... this was our first trip out since Paige was born (our trip to the Kananaskis last month was just a day trip - we were not crazy enough to spend the night with a 5 day old).

I was so nervous . Paige was so good.

Seriously, so good. In fact I'm tempted to sleep in the RV more often, because she hasn't slept as good since! So here is the one and only picture I took of the trip. Hailey just barely learned how to smile for the camera - there will be more learning one day, but for now I think this little 'smile' is adorable!! I LOVE this kid!
And finally, we've had a rough little start to life with Paige. She was unlucky enough to inherit the reflux genes, which means we've had a LOT of screaming and a lot of crying (by me) and not so much sleep. So, whenever I come across a moment like this, I have to take a picture.

Oh and Hailey sleeps too - wherever she feels like it I guess:

And one of the girls in their matching PJ's...this is why it's fun to have two of the same - matching clothes!