Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sometimes it's nice to be beautiful

So as you may know, my little sister Sarah is a talented massage therapist as well as an Esthetician (I hope I'm spelling that right). I know she's just my little sister, so I really have no right to be proud when she accomplishes things. But she is still my little sister and I watched her grow, so I still feel that pride. Anyway, yesterday I got a day off from my mommy duties. My parents watched the girls and I got to spend the afternoon with Sarah...in a make up course put on by the salon she works for. They had a talented - big shot - makeup artist there (http://www.bebebooth.com/). She was an awesome person and a great instructor. So I sat there and watched Sarah create different looks on my face.

I felt beautiful...I felt special...I felt proud.

The instructor was quick to praise Sarah in everything, really, everything she did ... and she may have even paid me a compliment as well. Overall I had a great day. Sarah gave me some serious cool eyes (including a pair of fabulous fake eyelashes). And I got to walk out of their feeling kinda cool...aaaaand maybe a little weird (since I did have two different looks on my eyes and extremely LONG lashes).

Well, since it was a Monday - and I had no where to go but home to show off the new 'look' - I decided to take a few 'model' shots of myself ... in the mirror of my bathroom ... at midnight ... with semi pouty 'Meagan' lips. You get the picture. I can't decide whether to laugh or cry when I see these pics because the faces I made are either very hilarious or very very sad. But one thing's for sure...Sarah did an amazing job.

These pictures are important to me because I want a picture of myself done up - trying to look good - so that one day my daughters can look at me and say "wow, mom actually wore makeup once". I hope to also add to that collection, a picture where they'll say "wow, mom was skinny once" or "wow, mom wore cool clothes" or even "wow, mom was a real person and not just our slave once". You know, those kind of pictures. So here are my makeup pictures:

Thanks Sarah for inviting me, and for spending the day with me and for so calmly and yet firmly having the courage to be who you are...which includes being especially talented!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A quick Compare...

So I've been going through some old pictures of mine and putting together little groupings for frames in my home. One of my frames has 8 spots for pictures. For this frame I decided to use pictures of the girls at various stages of their first year (i.e. First day, blessing day, first time in the exersaucer and 1 year old). It's interesting to see how different they are! I normally think they look so much alike - because they really do. But in these pictures I can see so many differences. I'm curious to see how they grow...will they be little clones of each other like my sisters and I? Or will they have their own unique features, but still be obvious siblings?

We shall see.

Hailey - July 14 2007

Paige - June 26 2009

Hailey - October 2007

Paige - September 2009

Hailey - November 2007

Paige - October 2009

Hailey - September 2008

Paige - August 2010

One thing I do know...I've got some cute little girls:)