Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally all caught up...

Caught up.

That is until I start taking pictures again. But for right now, we're taking a little bit of a break from summer. I'm trying to get my house in's amazing how little unpacking gets done when you're never around. I've been trying to spend as much time as possible with my two little girls and just enjoying their company. I'm mostly trying to not forget how perfect my family is right now. One day my girls will be grown up and no one will be excited about 'hubatockers' (helicopters) in the sky and I won't have the chubbiest little 14 month old to cuddle with, and I might actually see my husband once in a while...wait, that might be a good thing. Speaking of good things that will come with day I hope to not be dealing with the potty so much (Hailey has her moments) and maybe I won't have a 14 month old crying at my feet all day long either (Paige has her moments too). But this is the time in my life that I get to deal with and enjoy these young kids. So I'm really trying to cherish every moment.

Anyway, we did a lot of cherishing of moments last week as we camped/hoteled with Ben's family in Waterton. Ben's sister Rebecca and her family are leaving for the Caribbean this weekend to go to Med school. We're excited for them and this big adventure they will be embarking on....but I'm sad to see them go. I don't think Hailey can even comprehend how much she'll miss her cousin Addie, it makes me almost want to cry to think about them not seeing each other as often. But hopefully they'll be back one day!

So we spent this last week with the entire family as a bit of a last family gathering before they go. It was fun. I wish the weather had cooperated a bit more. But still, we made some really great memories...including:

Hanging out at the lake (sans makeup) and enjoying life
Finally letting Paige dip her feet into the Glacier water

Getting hugs from Cousins...
And sisters like Ashley

Or tackles?
Going on a boat ride on Uncle Chris's boat (and Lauren's too) ...I maybe could have used a few more hours of sleep...

Biking with the borrowed bike trailer (we ended up buying one when we got home because we loved it so much)...
Hi mom...I know the above picture has you a bit freaked out. I know you and dad bought the girls new helmets for these exact types of trips. We had them all packed and ready to go...and they enjoyed the trip from the comfort of the front porch of our home. Oops. We made sure to ride really slowly and to strap them in really well though. And we will never forget helmets again!
Pretending I'm a moody 14 year old again...
Hi Mom again...I know the above picture also has you a bit freaked out. I bet you and Dad thought you'd never see that face again...oops. I promise to never give you scary flash backs to my terrible teens again.

More bike riding - a bit happier this time...

An attempt at a little family picture in front of Cameron Falls...this is as good as it gets.

A hike to Bears Hump. So tiring with a 23 pound baby strapped to my front...but so worth it once we got there. The view is always gorgeous.

We did so many other fun things that week...unfortunately I had a problem with remembering my camera. So this will do for now. I'm sure one day I will get an email from Rebecca with some or her pictures from the week. But I don't expect it any time soon - since she is moving really really far away. Maybe we'll just have to take a little Holiday to the Island to pick up the pictures. Who wouldn't want a little trip to the Caribbean?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometime after the move

So right now, my life is broken up into two periods...before the move and after the move. It's funny because it's been a crazy time and everything really has been such a blur. But I need to keep records of everything we've done, so when life calms down (it will right?), I can look back and remember that things weren't always just pure chaos. We did enjoy the summer. I do have happy beautiful children. I do have a great husband...and maybe I do need to start working out again.'s out, this picture log is to remind myself that even when the going gets tough....I still need to get my butt going.'s amazing what two months can do to ya.

So anyway...the first thing we did after we moved (i.e. the day after we moved) we went camping with the Taylor's and my sister. We had so much fun! Hailey had so much fun...Paige had so much fun!

I'm honestly so in love with those pics of Paige (courtesy of the Taylor camera). Mostly because it captures Paige perfectly...the way I get to see her. She is the sweetest happiest baby ever. BUT - she's not a fan of strangers or big crowds or anyone that wants to take her away from me (or looks like they might). Which means, in the comfort of my own home she is all smiles and giggles; when we're out and about you don't see that so often. And that's why I love these pictures...that's the Paige I am blessed to see every day!

Hailey and Heidi hit it off...Hailey and Jadyn hit it off too (sorry no pic - by the way, these camping pics are all courtesy of the Taylor camera). I think Hailey's favourite thing about the weekend? The barbies in the sand! There's nothing better then playing with girls who understand that life really is all about Barbies and Princesses.

Paige and her Cousin Max getting dirty!

A little dinner with the crew.

So after that little trip we took a break from camping for a few weeks. We worked on getting settled into the new home, getting the old one ready for renters and so on. And mostly we just worked on getting excited for the biggest day of the year...

My brother Josh got MARRIED!!! To the sweetest girl ever (who happens to be Ben's's an interesting story, but the result is that they really aren't related in anyway, just connected). We (as in the whole family) are so happy that they found each other! What a perfect match!

We tried to get a picture of the girls in their dresses...this is the best I got.

I love Hailey's goofy little cute!
Paige and I were there too...although Paige was a bit blurry. I'm blond by the way...which I guess is not a surprise to many of you. But at least my hair now matches!Ben was there too...just not in the pictures.

The next day we had my family over for some dessert and to see our new home.

I think Hailey has a bit of a crush on Hondro...

Then the following week we went camping with Chris and Lauren and Jaxson. It was a cold rainy weekend. But that didn't stop Paige from hamming it up for the camera:

Or Hailey and Ben enjoying some ice cream by the campfire

Paige did get worn out though - totally out. We went for a walk and she fell asleep...about an hour before bedtime. So I got some cuddle time before I finally gave in and put her to bed.

After that camping trip we came home...cleaned the house and prepared for our next adventure to Waterton with the McCance's (pics to come soon). We had a somewhat rainy week at home The story of this summer)...and were lucky enough to spot this gem. If you look closely, you can see the faint outline of the second rainbow. This kind of beauty is what makes my little 3 year old's her, the world should be full of princesses, and princes, and Rainbows and all that kind of stuff. So it's nice when it actually is!

So...that was what we have been up to the few weeks following our move. I have one more post with pics from Waterton. And then, I'm finally caught up...for now that is.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The week before the move

This is a quick glimpse into our life, the week before we moved...well and to be honest, a few days after as well.

The week before we moved into our home was a bit hectic. We had a camping trip planned, a 3rd Birthday, a ton of packing (remember how last minute everything was?) Anyway, that didn't stop us from enjoying the simple things in life:

I wonder if Paige enjoyed her ice cream?
Anyway, besides packing and going crazy with the uncertainty of the whole deal - we had a very important day to celebrate. The day before we moved, my sweet Hailey babe turned 3! She has been looking forward to this day her whole life...well at least it felt like it. Why?? Because of this:
My sweet little girl got her ears pierced!!! I may have made the mistake of telling her that she was going to get earrings for her Birthday...just a few months too early though. Let's just say, the anticipation was killing us all! But the day finally came, she picked out the prettiest (and I'll just add, the most expensive) earrings, she didn't cry once, and she may just be the reason why all the employees at Merle Norman are suddenly wanting babies now. Honestly, the entire store was there watching and couldn't get enough of her fact, two of the ladies told me as we were leaving that they would have babies right then if they could have one as cute as her. Talk about making my day!
Hailey was so happy to finally have her earrings (she may have also been a bit stunned that it hurt so much...but she's tough).

Anyway, later that day, Ben and I took the girls to the Stampede. Hailey had been looking forward to the Stampede since last year when Ben took her. So of course I bought the girls matching shirts, and off we went.

This picture should make her Grandpa proud:)

Paige came along too...I don't think she got to experience the stampede quite like Hailey - although she did eat almost an entire foot long hot dog. To some, that is what the Stampede is all about. She's not complaining.

Then the next day - moving day we decided to open Hailey's Birthday presents (after a crazy morning of babysitting for Kyla as her parents went to have their baby, getting locked out of their house, missing the appointment with our realtor and so on). It was a crazy day, but we figured that although the earrings were all Hailey was looking forward to, she might feel a bit ripped off once she realized how much they hurt - and really how boring they are. So we bought her a few things to open. We planned to open them the day before, but we stayed too late at the Stampede. But really, who wouldn't want their Birthday to extend over a few days?
This child - let me tell ya, she is the perfect kid to give presents to. Every present is the best thing in the world!! But in this case, can you guess what she was smiling about?
This beautiful princess dress...with clip-on earrings of course. carry on with the Birthday theme, we decided to have a real Birthday party for the girl the next week. It was totally last minute and really small. My house felt like a bit of a zoo, but I thought I should still do something for Hailey and her cousins and one or two friends. So we had a little Safari themed party.
The best part of the day? My mom showing up in her Safari gear - even though she didn't know it was a Safari party!!
I love this little girl!

Anyway, my cousin Emily came out for the party and brought her two boys. Hailey and Roel hit it off big time when we were in Mexico last year, and it was so fun to see them pick right up where they left off!
This picture is a bit blurry - but you just can't deny the pure happiness on their faces. LOVE IT!
And finally - My cousins littlest guy Thijs. This kid stole my heart when I first met him in Mexico. He was just 8 weeks old and the cutest thing ever. He has these eyes...oh those eyes. They just look at you and plead with you to love him. And of course you do....because really, he's so cute! If you ever meet him in person, you'll get what I mean - when he gives you the look, you just melt!

So that's it for now. I have more picture to post...more stories to share...and maybe a little making fun of myself. But I'll have to do that another time.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We're getting there

We're in our new home....and I am so grateful! We're not totally settled, but we're getting there.

So here's the story:

Ben has been looking at houses for some time now. He's been looking more for an investment rental property then for a home for us. However, he came across this little gem that we can now call our own and we just couldn't turn it down. It was the fastest deal I've ever seen happen. The house was a foreclosure...and I know what you're thinking - trashed, dirty, a TON of work, etc. Well let me tell you, this house is in amazing shape! It's only 3 years old, it has nothing - absolutely nothing wrong with it...and it was spotless. Somehow who ever lived here before had the decency to clean this place before they left. Not a speck of dust or a crumb of food could be found in the home. The only problem was the allergy I had to the home (i.e. there used to be a cat or dog in the home). However, with plenty of cleaning I can now safely breathe and live in this house. So anyway, things moved really fast since it was a foreclosure. We put an offer in on June 24th and were in the house by July 15th. Things got a little scary there for a while because of a mix-up with out mortgage broker. But in the end everything worked out! So now we're here, and we're trying to get settled. We have some organizing and setting up to do. We have some more furniture to buy. But all of that will come with time...because right now our main priority is getting our other home ready to rent! So...if you know anyone who is looking to rent a house Okotoks, you know who to call:)

Anyway, here are some pictures of the beauty! If you look at these pictures I need some help with a few decorating tips....

The Outside:

Ok, not my first choice of colours, but it will do. However, the door is a very very blah colour of beige (and not the same as the rest of the house). We need to paint it...but don't know what to do. The obvious choice is the rust colour - but I hate it!! I really do. I don't want to add more rust to the house. I had considered changing all the trim...but it's just not going to happen. The house is only 3 years's in perfect condition. Why change it if we don't have to. So anyway...any tips on the door colour?

The Front Entry:
What should I hang on that oh so boring wall?

The living room:

Can you see the obvious problem here?? That big blob of a rock on the fireplace? That has GOT to go. So I need suggestions on way to re-do the tile. We'll start from scratch...but obviously leave the mantel. Oh and don't worry - that giant TV of my husbands will be GONE!! It hasn't been set up because we haven't yet agreed on where it's going to go. I think the only place for it is in the basement - which will be developed this year. But he thinks it needs to sit in the living room until then. I don't agree. I'll let you know who wins.

The kitchen:
No problems here. Granite, Solid wood cabinetry, giant island, under cabinet lighting...need I go on?? Oh...right, we have installed a beautiful stainless steel microwave above the stove since this pic was taken. She really is a beautiful kitchen.

Powder Room:
As you can tell I'm already planning to paint over that horrible rust colour. I've decided on the 2nd lightest blue on that colour swatch beside the mirror. Do you agree?

The Bonus room:
Besides obviously needing furniture (which happens to be stuck indefinitely in the basement of our old home), and a small tv, I'm ok with this room.

Paige's Room:
I'll hang some pictures...all will be ok.
Hailey's Room:

I can't wait until these two girls share a room - this room is definitely big enough for two beds. I can just imagine it now. By the way - that was definitely not an announcement.
Our room:

Our unorganized:
Our bathroom:

And that's it. We really love this house. We especially love the back yard - which I forgot to get pictures of. But the girls spend so much time just playing and playing and playing back there. We're really excited to get everything unpacked and it's it place, to hang pictures and to make it our home.
by the way...sometime in the next week or so, I'll have to post some more pictures of the last few weeks (i.e. Hailey's Birthday, my brothers wedding, and two camping trips). Stay tuned.