Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally all caught up...

Caught up.

That is until I start taking pictures again. But for right now, we're taking a little bit of a break from summer. I'm trying to get my house in's amazing how little unpacking gets done when you're never around. I've been trying to spend as much time as possible with my two little girls and just enjoying their company. I'm mostly trying to not forget how perfect my family is right now. One day my girls will be grown up and no one will be excited about 'hubatockers' (helicopters) in the sky and I won't have the chubbiest little 14 month old to cuddle with, and I might actually see my husband once in a while...wait, that might be a good thing. Speaking of good things that will come with day I hope to not be dealing with the potty so much (Hailey has her moments) and maybe I won't have a 14 month old crying at my feet all day long either (Paige has her moments too). But this is the time in my life that I get to deal with and enjoy these young kids. So I'm really trying to cherish every moment.

Anyway, we did a lot of cherishing of moments last week as we camped/hoteled with Ben's family in Waterton. Ben's sister Rebecca and her family are leaving for the Caribbean this weekend to go to Med school. We're excited for them and this big adventure they will be embarking on....but I'm sad to see them go. I don't think Hailey can even comprehend how much she'll miss her cousin Addie, it makes me almost want to cry to think about them not seeing each other as often. But hopefully they'll be back one day!

So we spent this last week with the entire family as a bit of a last family gathering before they go. It was fun. I wish the weather had cooperated a bit more. But still, we made some really great memories...including:

Hanging out at the lake (sans makeup) and enjoying life
Finally letting Paige dip her feet into the Glacier water

Getting hugs from Cousins...
And sisters like Ashley

Or tackles?
Going on a boat ride on Uncle Chris's boat (and Lauren's too) ...I maybe could have used a few more hours of sleep...

Biking with the borrowed bike trailer (we ended up buying one when we got home because we loved it so much)...
Hi mom...I know the above picture has you a bit freaked out. I know you and dad bought the girls new helmets for these exact types of trips. We had them all packed and ready to go...and they enjoyed the trip from the comfort of the front porch of our home. Oops. We made sure to ride really slowly and to strap them in really well though. And we will never forget helmets again!
Pretending I'm a moody 14 year old again...
Hi Mom again...I know the above picture also has you a bit freaked out. I bet you and Dad thought you'd never see that face again...oops. I promise to never give you scary flash backs to my terrible teens again.

More bike riding - a bit happier this time...

An attempt at a little family picture in front of Cameron Falls...this is as good as it gets.

A hike to Bears Hump. So tiring with a 23 pound baby strapped to my front...but so worth it once we got there. The view is always gorgeous.

We did so many other fun things that week...unfortunately I had a problem with remembering my camera. So this will do for now. I'm sure one day I will get an email from Rebecca with some or her pictures from the week. But I don't expect it any time soon - since she is moving really really far away. Maybe we'll just have to take a little Holiday to the Island to pick up the pictures. Who wouldn't want a little trip to the Caribbean?


Jeni said...

Ok cute hair Meagan! And you look fabulous!

My bro is going this ,week to med school there too...where in the carribian?

The Harker Family said...

What beautiful pics! I love that pic of you on your bike! Priceless!

Nancy said...

Thanks Meagan, I love reading your blog and seeing all the fun pictures. (Is that called lurking, checking your blog every day). I just learned how to put up a comment today. Love it!


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely lying on the floor laughing, well, maybe just wiping away tears.

When I saw the picture of your little ones in the bike trailer -- without helmets -- I hadn't scrolled down far enough to read what you wrote to me. And, you're right, I was thinking, where are those cute little pink helmets???

Maybe we need to give you another set that stays in the bike trailer, and another set that stays on the quad, and another set that stays in the fifth-wheel because obviously your front porch thinks it needs its own set. ;)

The picture of all of you on Bear's Hump is so beautiful. It looks like a fake backdrop. Beautiful, beautiful.

And about the teenage Meagan picture -- really, you were a lovely teenager!

Love, G-Ma

Annette said...

When Kate and Jared were little, I used my bike trailer all the time. Loved it.
Looks like a great time in Waterton.