Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Barbie's gone Wild!

So this last week Ben's Aunt and Uncle dropped off some of their old Barbie's for Hailey to have. Oh boy does she love them. In fact, in honour of loving them so much she decided they must all ride around in their car naked.

They look like their having way too much fun...or not. I guess that depends on who you are??

In other news...I think I've decided that two of my favourite things ever are these two:
Really...they are so cute. On my list of favourite Hailey/Paige moments? Probably Hailey tickling Paige, or Paige going in for big slobbery kisses on Hailey's cheek. Or, Hailey trying to change Paige's diaper. Oh...wait maybe the way Paige looks at Hailey like she is the best thing in the entire world. Or how Hailey cheers every single time that Paige rolls over or does anything semi noteworthy. Or how nothing calms a crying Hailey like a cooing Paige. I could go on...and on. Honestly this list never ends. One thing that I can say for certain though - is that I'm so lucky to have two girls! All you mom's of two or more girls know what I'm talking about - it's AWESOME!! I'm just so happy and content with out family right now!
A few things about Paige these days:
  • She loves to roll all over the house - EVERYWHERE!
  • She is getting up onto her hands and knees and rocking back and forth
  • She is now LOVING solids - and is such a messy little eater
  • She has 4 teeth - all on her bottom and I can see 4 on the top making their way through
  • She does NOT like teething - or having a cold - or anything unpleasant really
  • She loves her mommy, her daddy, and her sister. Grandma's are tolerable. People that look like me are ok (i.e. my sisters)...and NO one else! Really...if you're not on that list, don't even bother. She won't put up with it. She'll smile from the comfort of my arms, but never in yours.
  • She sleeps on average about 11 hours each night. She has turned into such a good little sleeper (minus the odd day of sickness or teething)
  • She loves to wave her arms and hit things (see pic below) - she LOVES it and finds great pleasure in smacking my face. hmmmmm.
A few things about Hailey these days:
  • She loves to play make believe all the time. Everything is a mommy/daddy/baby etc
  • She is now potty trained (see previous post)
  • She no longer naps (boohoo)
  • She gets scared of noises at night and hates hearing the train whistle (at night only)
  • She can count to 10 - and knows her ADAD's (uh I mean ABC's - and she doesn't know them all...only a few of them...but that doesn't stop her)
  • She's learning her colours and is so close
  • She LOVES to talk on the phone
  • She knows all her shapes - even the hard ones I didn't know until I was 5
  • She is getting sooo good at talking - and might just have a bit of an attitude.
  • Her new favourite toy (besides the naked Barbie's) is this Piano (see pic below) - also from Ben's Aunt and Uncle. We listen to the demo songs on it ALL - DAY - LONG!
  • She loves pretty much everyone she knows...that is unless you steal her toy (or are about to steal it, or even look at it...she's two you know)
Anyway, that's it. Life is good.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Potty

So, I don't think I ever mentioned that Hailey is now potty trained!! Yep...I finally broke down and decided to go for it. I may be a bad mom...but potty training was the LAST thing on my priority list. I did NOT want to be cleaning up poopy panties. Honestly, I'd much rather change a million diapers then clean poo out of underwear. Blech. But finally the peer pressure got to me. It just seemed like all other kids in Hailey's age range were either potty trained or in the process. So I did it. I bought a book (because if you know me, you know that I can't do any sort of parenting without a book), and we got to work! I owe Hailey a TON of credit, the book plenty of credit, and me...NONE. That's how easy it was. One week and done! I may have just caught Hailey at the perfect time...she was ready enough that she had control and understood the concept, but not too ready so that the novelty of it all wore off months ago. If that makes sense. Anyway, we bought a copy of The Potty Bootcamp online and it sure helped (the $5.95 price tag was unbeatable too). So at just under 2 1/2 years old, Hailey can now proudly say that she's potty trained...well actually she'll just show you her pants and give a little booty shake in the process. She is my daughter you know. I'm super proud...and I just really hope things stay this way (because honestly, regression does happen to the best of us). But so far I have a pretty good track record...I did potty train my little sister 20 years ago and I'm pretty sure she's still trained - so I have high hopes that Hailey will follow in her auntie's footsteps. Sorry to my un-named that too much info??

Anyway, here is the most modest picture of Hailey during the whole process. I guess wearing panties all day long requires high heels (and hiding from the camera). Maybe that's where she got the hip shaking idea too?

p.s. for those of you who are currently hating this easy success...just remember it's early days still. Plus I still have to train Paige in a few years - I can already guarantee I'll have my work cut out for me with that one!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Olympic Torch relay

So yesterday Lauren and I took the kids downtown to watch the Olympic torch relay as it passed through town. The streets were lined with adults and children just cheering and cheering! My eyes were definitely tearing up as I saw the immense amount of support we have for our country and how united we are...either that or I was still recovering from an unfortunate run in with my eyes and loaded bottle of perfume...oops. But in all honesty, it was really inspiring to see everyone out and so excited for our country! I'm now so excited for the Olympics this year. We don't need to win or anything, but having it so close to home will be so fun! Here are some pictures from the day!

My favourite moments?

1. Driving downtown and passing all the school children wearing their matching "Canada" headbands and cheering like you wouldn't believe

2. Hailey waving her flag and cheering for everything and anyone - including a random bicyclist

3. The beautiful weather...the Chinook made it all so much nicer

4. Singing O Canada when the flame was passed onto the next Torch Bearer

5. The Mounties dressed up in their Uniforms

6. The Passing of the Flame

7. The Happiest smile ever on the Torch Bearer's face as she ran down the street - I'm sure that was an amazing experience for her!

8. The cute kids we brought along for the experience

Anyway - overall I'd say that the day was magical! I'm a sucker for this type of thing, but honestly it was so cool! Go Canada!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Haily smiles....

Do see anything in the following pictures that resembles a smile?

I can NOT get that two year old mine to smile for the camera.
Getting the 6 month old to smile - or look at the camera - or make a pleasant face? A thousand times easier.

You'd think even after a wonderful stolen treat of chocolate Hailey would at least give me something but nope. That's it. She has a beautiful natural smile that I sort of captured on her last picture - but asking to see that for the camera is a bit much I guess.
p.s. here's one just for laughs!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The month of December

And a bit of January as well.

So besides going to Mexico this last month, we have been living a normal - fairly boring life. Like yesterday for example, I was trying to hang a picture in my tv niche - to add some pizazz to the whole look. Anyway, after teetering on top of my kitchen bar stool for a few minutes, I decided to be a super hero and jump off the stool. Well, things didn't turn out as I'd expected -far from it in fact! So mid jump, the stool tipped, and then I freaked out and landed on my back...right on top of the stool. I'll just say this: I'd rather deliver another baby (med free) then feel that kind of pain again. I laid on floor unable/afraid to move and called to Hailey to bring me a phone...which she did. And I dialed Ben and asked him to come home. He agreed but also convinced me to call my friend Julie so she could take me into urgent care. SO I did. And I called my mom...for a second opinion. And then I called Lauren to come babysit. So I spent a few hours in urgent care - had a few X-rays and walked out with just a few bruised ribs, some sore kidneys and a stiff back. I hurt! But I'm so blessed that nothing was broken and it wasn't serious at all. I can hardly walk and standing, sitting and laying all hurt. But nothing major happened. So I'm blessed. Plus I learned a lesson - no hanging pictures on bar stools - and tell the full story to the triage nurse so the doctor doesn't think I fell while dancing on the bar stool - AT THE BAR. That was a fun one to re-explain. But I'm super grateful for all the help I had yesterday! Anyway, Hailey is watching Shrek, Paige is sleeping. So I'm sitting here blogging. I have two hours before I have to move again - so I might as well take advantage and update this tired old blog.

Anyway, boring old life.

So here's a picture update of this month:

So the month started with us putting up the tree and decorating for Christmas....and of course we had to clean before we got started. My full diapered, pantsless 2 year old decided to help - and you may be wondering why I was cleaning my house when my child looks this neglected herself. Well all I'll say is - she is 2 1/2, she does her own things these days.

The next day (still in pj's) Hailey had to put a 'cape' on Paige and turn her into "Super Paige". Paige loved this - any attention is good!

I made this cute little craft at My sisters Super Saturday - I know you want it!

We've started wearing our warm weather clothes and I just could not resist taking a picture of this happy chubby little face!
Hailey helped redecorate the tree - she might have Capri's on in the middle of winter - but at least she has clothes on! Aaaaaand, her hair is done!

Hailey and Paige just adore each other - Hailey loves hugging and kissing Paige

Paige loves kissing Hailey - aka slobbering and sucking on her cheek
We decided to start Paige on solids - is she 6 months old already?? Yep - time sure flies!
This was her reaction...not such a fan
The girls got some cute new Christmas dresses - Paige obviously loved hers!

Hailey didn't want to participate in the picture

I at least got a half smile out of her (oh and the reason I have no pics of them together is because by the time Hailey got dressed Paige was already napping...I'll have to plan ahead more next year)
I babysit this little Girl Kyla once a week. You might think that Paige is just a cute baby in the picture, but she serves a purpose - she keeps Hailey and Kyla from fighting. Kyla is 10 months younger than Hailey and they can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies. Oh girls.
Hailey reading them books.
Hailey and Paige on Christmas eve in their new pj's....oh so cute!
Hailey's reaction when she saw all her presents on Christmas day! The picture is blurry but that face is priceless!

This pic is blurry too, but I love it because she is soooo happy to be opening her giant stuffed Nemo from her granpa and gramma McCance (or granpa granpa as Hailey says - which really is not an insult, she just hasn't figured the difference between the words out yet)

Down in Claresholm with the cousins getting ready for the sled ride behind the quad

And they're's beautiful out there hey?

While the older kids were out having fun in the snow, Paige was mauling her cousin Jaxson. He surprisingly was ok with the whole thing

And then she was all surprised when we told her to stop. She's all "what? what did I do??"
We tried a new approach to solids last week - Hailey helping

And same response

So finally we tried something new today - a baby mum mum. Paige feeding herself was a hit!! Yay!!
And that's it for now!