Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Barbie's gone Wild!

So this last week Ben's Aunt and Uncle dropped off some of their old Barbie's for Hailey to have. Oh boy does she love them. In fact, in honour of loving them so much she decided they must all ride around in their car naked.

They look like their having way too much fun...or not. I guess that depends on who you are??

In other news...I think I've decided that two of my favourite things ever are these two:
Really...they are so cute. On my list of favourite Hailey/Paige moments? Probably Hailey tickling Paige, or Paige going in for big slobbery kisses on Hailey's cheek. Or, Hailey trying to change Paige's diaper. Oh...wait maybe the way Paige looks at Hailey like she is the best thing in the entire world. Or how Hailey cheers every single time that Paige rolls over or does anything semi noteworthy. Or how nothing calms a crying Hailey like a cooing Paige. I could go on...and on. Honestly this list never ends. One thing that I can say for certain though - is that I'm so lucky to have two girls! All you mom's of two or more girls know what I'm talking about - it's AWESOME!! I'm just so happy and content with out family right now!
A few things about Paige these days:
  • She loves to roll all over the house - EVERYWHERE!
  • She is getting up onto her hands and knees and rocking back and forth
  • She is now LOVING solids - and is such a messy little eater
  • She has 4 teeth - all on her bottom and I can see 4 on the top making their way through
  • She does NOT like teething - or having a cold - or anything unpleasant really
  • She loves her mommy, her daddy, and her sister. Grandma's are tolerable. People that look like me are ok (i.e. my sisters)...and NO one else! Really...if you're not on that list, don't even bother. She won't put up with it. She'll smile from the comfort of my arms, but never in yours.
  • She sleeps on average about 11 hours each night. She has turned into such a good little sleeper (minus the odd day of sickness or teething)
  • She loves to wave her arms and hit things (see pic below) - she LOVES it and finds great pleasure in smacking my face. hmmmmm.
A few things about Hailey these days:
  • She loves to play make believe all the time. Everything is a mommy/daddy/baby etc
  • She is now potty trained (see previous post)
  • She no longer naps (boohoo)
  • She gets scared of noises at night and hates hearing the train whistle (at night only)
  • She can count to 10 - and knows her ADAD's (uh I mean ABC's - and she doesn't know them all...only a few of them...but that doesn't stop her)
  • She's learning her colours and is so close
  • She LOVES to talk on the phone
  • She knows all her shapes - even the hard ones I didn't know until I was 5
  • She is getting sooo good at talking - and might just have a bit of an attitude.
  • Her new favourite toy (besides the naked Barbie's) is this Piano (see pic below) - also from Ben's Aunt and Uncle. We listen to the demo songs on it ALL - DAY - LONG!
  • She loves pretty much everyone she knows...that is unless you steal her toy (or are about to steal it, or even look at it...she's two you know)
Anyway, that's it. Life is good.


Baker Family said...

Girls are the greatest...especially sisters!!! I LOVE your little girlies, they are so cute and getting so big. We ACTUALLY need to get together and not just say we are going to.

Christine Peterson said...

Alright, I'm glad Taylor isn't the only one with Barbies right now.

The Harker Family said...

Oh my freak that is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! I died laughing when I read the title of your post, but I almost peed my pants from laughing when I saw the pictures. That is so awesome! So hilarious!

Sarah said...

HAHA! Love the Barbie picture. Very cute girls. You are lucky to have 2 in a row :)

Riley and Anona Adams said...

I can't believe how big your girls are getting, wow time flies doesn't it!!! Super cute post.

Anonymous said...

I love your girls, I love your blog, I love you and I love getting daily updates of the cute things your little darlings do.
Love and hugs, G-Ma
Oh, and PS, I love your dear husband, too. :)

Francis Family said...

Haha Barbie's gone wild. Hilarious! I agree with the girls thing too. I LOVE having 3 girls, it rocks! Cute post and your girls are adorable!

Anonymous said...

So nice to hear the update - it's been forever wince we've seen you guys!

The Taylors said...

I love having girls too, I think I would not know what to do if i had a boy?! LOVE that last photo of Hailey in focus and Paige in the background. Love it. Love the barbie photos too, my girls play barbies all day long, it's all they ever do. Loved the update on the girls!