Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Job Running!

We like a LOT of praise in this house. Hailey cheers me on for EVERYTHING!! For example, the other day I was opening a pickle jar and struggling - just a teeny tiny bit. So Hailey starting cheering, "just a bit harder mommy...a little more...keep trying...YAY!!! You did it! You're a big girl mom!!". Or today when she announced she had to go potty and we were no where near one - so I picked her up and ran! When we got there she clapped her hands and said "Good job running mom - you did very good!". There's nothing quite like a personal cheer squad!

Here's a pic of my cheery little two and a half year old (a little washed out by the flash I forgot I had on).

By the way, for my records a few other cute things Hailey says these days:
-Mom does crap = mom does crafts
-Where's my crap-pack? = where's my backpack
-Dad will shwish-ix = dad will fix it
-I want shwoo-shoops = I want fruit loops
-I want creamo = I want Ice cream
-Hello Pager = Hello Paige
-Run a me = Run with Me
-Say De-dong = ring the doorbell
-Dad a White trash = Dad's White trash....bwahahaha. That's totally his own fault. He taught it to her to say about me (because we are cool like that) and it totally backfired. Because of course Mom's not white is!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


So the missionary finally came home! We had a fun day - we did lots and lots of waiting. Ashley's flight flew out of Texas...right in the middle of the biggest snowstorm in history (well, I can't actually confirm the 'in history' thing, but there was a LOT of snow according to the news). Which of course meant her flight was hours later, which then also meant she would miss her connecting flight home. She made it almost home - and in the end we all decided to pick her up in Calgary and forget about her connecting flight to Lethbridge. Really, Calgary is so much cooler - I might be biased though. Anyway, it wasn't the best situation for everyone because a lot of people couldn't drive up here in time...but it all worked out. Ashley was SURPRISED to see us. Tears were shed, hugs were given and lots of good memories were made.

The sign Lauren and I made
Paige anxiously awaiting Ashley's arrival

Here's a picture of Hailey and the return missionary...Someone's playing shy

Then this last weekend the family decided to get together for a little ice fishing and little quading and a little sledding. We had a lot of fun...I had a lot of fun, after I calmed down from my little freak out over driving the car on the ice that is. Honestly, there is something soooo wrong with driving your car on water. So wrong. But it was fun. We all lived.

Ben and Paige on the ice

Paige and I

Hailey and Addie - I love their faces. I asked them to smile and this is what I got. Gotta love 2 year old.

So that's it.

p.s. Look who's trying to crawl!!

I don't think she's actually anywhere near being successful, but she's sure trying! Cute eh?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Returning Missionary

Ben's sister Ashley comes home from her Mission a week from today. Hailey's getting very excited to meet this mystery 'Assee'. When Ashely left, Hailey had just barely turned 1 - which means she doesn't quite remember her. So to make the homecoming much more exciting, we have been prepping Hailey by looking at lots and lots and lots pictures of Ashley. It's always good to know who you're welcoming home. We also decided yesterday to make this chain to count down the days until Ashely gets home.

A little 'Hailey smile' for the Camera while hanging the chain
A little chearleading pose
Me calling out: who's coming home?
Hailey responding: Assee! YAY
So we've been using using getting to see Ashley as quite the incentive for things these days. Like going to bed...because Ashley goes to bed too. Or eating gross food for lunch...because Ashley eats all her food at lunch. You get the idea.

I don't think Hailey was quite convinced though

Anyway, we're all excited for the homecoming next week. It will be fun to have the family together again (plus three new babies that were born while Ashley was gone). The only problem I can forsee is that Hailey might be a tad dissapointed when Ashley doesn't actually come home to our house. Maybe a visit is in order.