Monday, November 02, 2009

a picture update

Our lives have been busy....we've been sick (like I mentioned in my last post), the computer crashed (which means we HAVE to buy a new one) and the rest is here in this post:

Hailey forgot to read the fine print on the wipes sticker cover ("remove completely...and keep off your baby sister's face") Paige obviously didn't mind.

We decorated for Halloween:

We went to he corn maze:

We had a baby shower for this special lady and her cute baby boy (with decorations and food by JEMA...Julie, Elaine, Meagan and Angie):

It snowed and Hailey had lots of fun:

I made Halloween costumes:

We went to a Halloween Party:

My girls (and Kyla) completely cooperated in my photo shoot:

We went trick or treating:

We curled Hailey's Hair:

And finally, we baby sat Jaxson...and Paige and him stared at each other:

ETA (edited to add): yeah I'm a loser. I just made this up on the spot - I'm not quit cool enough to have a code name for the girls I hang out with. But if we ever plan on being professional party planners we will need a name...and how cool is JEMA?? ha ha ha