Monday, November 02, 2009

a picture update

Our lives have been busy....we've been sick (like I mentioned in my last post), the computer crashed (which means we HAVE to buy a new one) and the rest is here in this post:

Hailey forgot to read the fine print on the wipes sticker cover ("remove completely...and keep off your baby sister's face") Paige obviously didn't mind.

We decorated for Halloween:

We went to he corn maze:

We had a baby shower for this special lady and her cute baby boy (with decorations and food by JEMA...Julie, Elaine, Meagan and Angie):

It snowed and Hailey had lots of fun:

I made Halloween costumes:

We went to a Halloween Party:

My girls (and Kyla) completely cooperated in my photo shoot:

We went trick or treating:

We curled Hailey's Hair:

And finally, we baby sat Jaxson...and Paige and him stared at each other:

ETA (edited to add): yeah I'm a loser. I just made this up on the spot - I'm not quit cool enough to have a code name for the girls I hang out with. But if we ever plan on being professional party planners we will need a name...and how cool is JEMA?? ha ha ha


The Harker Family said...

Oh my goodness those pics of your girls are so adorable! The food at the baby shower was awesome! Martha Stewart picture perfect!

Christine Peterson said...

why is that i always post after my sister? haha i love all the pics with a small description of what you've been up to. i really like that. also the curls in hailey's hair caaute! i'm sad i missed the shower it looks fanfreakintastic. JEMA? haha you guys are crazy! but very crafty crazy ;)

Dashanne said...

Wow awesome job on the Halloween costumes!!! Maybe one day I will learn how to sew!!!! Your girls are the cutest!!!!

Baker Family said...

So cute! I LOVE Hailey's'll have to teach me.

Angie said...

that was a great update. your pics are always so cute!

Anonymous said...

Your Hallowe'en costumes are amazing -- especially knowing how creatively put together they were with portions of real clothes, super small but stretchie shorts, lace from an older sister's old quilt, cotton balls, glue guns and a whole lot of imagination and natural sewing talent.
Super good job. And super cute little girls. Great pictures.
Love, G-Ma

Sarah said...

Cute post, cute costume, cute girls! Good job getting all this done while sick!

Where did you get those halloween pictures? I want some! Actually, I'm sure you probably made them, in which case, nevermind :)

The Taylors said...

I loved this post! Those costumes were to die for, I love that they coordinated! You're so talented! Love the Halloween pictures too, great job. Glad you are feeling better :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I blog stalk but only your blog and I love to look at the pictures again and again.

I love how in the corn maze picture your two little ones are looking at each other. :D :D