Friday, December 04, 2009


It has been a really really long time! Wow. I think I sort of forgot about this place - and the saddest part? I have no pictures to add right now. Our computer died last month, which means, I can't upload pictures to the computer. I can add to Ben's laptop - but it's his work computer and I never really get a chance to go on it. So, one day I will upload all my pictures to the computer and post a billion pictures. Until then, I'll just write a few things about my girls for my records.

So Hailey:

She's almost 2 1/2 and boy can she talk! Seriously, she is a chatterbox...and the beauty is that we mostly understand it. She is big into pretend play right now. All her baby's have to have naps, and meals (even milk from...well you know where). She likes to pretend sleep (bed times and naps), and play animals. The best is her dog impression - she has to lick everyone and everything! She's also big into monsters - but not in a scary way. She just likes to run around fake screaming and hiding form her monsters. Oh - the hiding! This kids LOVES to hide! The dryer was her most recent spot...oh the joys. She's trying really hard to wean off her daily naps and I'm trying really hard to keep them going. The only problem is that when she naps she doesn't want to go to bed and then wakes up early! The jury's still out on what we'll do here. All I know is I'm not good in the mornings. She's growing up soooo fast! So fast that she is even changing Paige's diapers for me - multiple times a day. I still have to 'fix' them up a bit, but she's really doing a good job. Speaking of diapers - I may just be the worst mom in the world. Hailey is potty training herself...seriously. And I'm not encouraging it. I'm just so not ready for the running to the bathroom gong show it will be. But I think it's going to happen sooner then later. Most days she doesn't wear diapers in the morning and she goes to the bathroom all on her own - no reminders from me or anything. She poops and pees without problems! Honestly, this is crazy to me! But Hailey has really been the easiest kid when it comes to things like this - she slept through the night with no problem, she took a bottle without even thinking twice, she weened from the bottle without looking back, she transitioned to a toddler bed in a night and now she's potty training herself. Now before you get jealous - just remember I have Paige too!

So, Paige (she's 5 months). Well she is the sweetest little thing ever - really I just adore her. But man oh man is she work! She's a bit sensitive and really likes no one other then Ben or I. Seriously, she makes strange like you wouldn't believe. She is also so addicted to her soother and can not sleep without it. She has sleep troubles at the 45 minute mark without fail. She falls asleep easily and then wakes up exactly 45 minutes later - like clockwork! The good thing is she goes right back to sleep as soon as I pop a soother in. But really, it's a bit frustrating. But she's still so great! Right now she's sleeping 10-11 hours consistently at night without eating - and then I usually feed her and get another hour or two. Which is good I think. She still sometimes wakes for a paci replug, but that's ok I think. I'm still not sure what to think about this paci thing. Hailey sucked her thumb - which meant she self soothed from such a young age. So I don't know if what Paige is doing is normal or not. But it's working for us. On the developmental side of things, I think she's doing great! She rolls from her back to her tummy (but not tummy to back...she gets to frustrated and then just cries), and now she's starting to sit up! Ahhh - when did she grow up? We've also started giving her a bottle once in a while - I'm still breastfeeding, but I love the freedom of a bottle every once in a while. So I'm sooooo glad she'll do both for now! Oh - and just like her big sister, Paige got her first tooth at 4 months old. And now we're working on tooth number two. All I can say is "WOW" she is NOT a happy teether! But at least we're getting it out of the way! Gotta be positive right? We're going to start solids in a few weeks here - and I don't think Paige could be any more ready. She is so wanting to eat what I am. Almost there!

Anyway, that's my update for now! My girls really are so fun. I love them so much, and even better, they love each other so much! They're going to have lots of fun together - I know it. Maybe they'll fight a bit - but I can take that! They're just so cute!

p.s. when I blog again - I hope it's pictures of our little trip to Mexico we're taking next week. The girls (H&P), my mom and I! How fun hey?? And a little bit crazy!


The Harker Family said...

Loved your update! Your girls are so cute, and wow, are they ever amazing sleepers. The soother thing is golden isn't it! They give it up when they are ready, and so I never worried. If it works it works, right!

The Taylors said...

I am using the soother a lot right now for sleep, i think ti is pretty normal, so i wouldn't worry about it. Fun update, have fun in Mexico, I can't wait to see the pictures!

Baker Family said...

I feel like it's been forever since I've seen Paige...she really has grown up fast lately. I had 2 addictive soother girlies and now I'm down to it's possible to unplug (or just throw it out the window one day. haha). Have so much fun in Mexico- enjoy the sun while we try to enjoy the cold!