Friday, September 28, 2007

Retro Dance Party!

So my family's pretty cool...I'd have to say though, I'm a pretty important contributor to that status. Anyway, Tan had a little...well a preety big Retro Dance Part last weekend. Seriously, when I say cool, I mean it! Anyway, Nate rents out community centres for his work (it's furniture related and pretty cool) last weekend Nate and Tan hired a DJ (thanks to Becc and her connections), they invited a ton of friends and we had a dance party at the community centre Nate had rented! It was pretty fun. Ben and I dropped Hailey off with Grandma and Grandpa (who by the way were babysitting 4 other grandkids too...a 6 year old, a 3 year old, a 18 month and a 12 month old). So they had 4 boys and 1 girl to watch and put to bed - all by themselves! They were very very succesful...but I'm sure they were hoping at least one of their kids wasn't so cheap. But really, who's better than Grandma and Grandpa? No one - and I really don't think anyone else could have put all 5 kids to bed...all on time too! Amazing!!!
Here's a pic of hailey with three of her cousins. These boys are all tough and fully boys...they play with their swords and in the dirt and they are all some sort of super hero, but...when Hailey's around they soften right up and all you heare from their little mouths is "she's soooo cute" or from Marcus "he's so cute" (he's still working on the whole gender thing).

Anyway, we did a lot of eating, and a lot of dancing...and 3 lucky people won door prizes at the end....two peices of art from the furniture show, two memory foam pillows and one leather ottoman. So, although I didn't win, I'm hoping Nate and Tan have another party so I can try again...I had my eyes on that storage ottoman. So, here are some pics from the event! Oh and just a warning...only the people who actually dressed up or danced get spotlighted on this have to play along in my fmaily!!
The Girls and our snazzy outfits!! Notice that Sarah's missing? She thought she was too cool!
Becc and some friends dancing up a storm! Oh that's Amy (my cousin) in the red dress!! I would wear that in real life!
Me...Im a real good dancer...I swear! Nice dress hey?
Josh and Skyy - showin' off as always she's a good dancer - as you can tell!

And finally some classic Jeff and Yuka!

Anyway, it was seriously so fun so I'm really hoping Tan does it again! So that's my update for now. Hopefully next week I'll have pictures from Hailey's blessing this weekend. She's going to wear the same dress my sisters and I were blessed in, the same slip that her grandma and her great grandpa and I'm sure some other other 'great' people wore when they were christened. So she's carrying on a family tradition...her initials are even ebroidered into the dress just like everyone else's - and in case anyone thought it through - yes, I know her initials spell H.A.M! I didn't know though until after she was named and brought home from the hospital...she'll be fine.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I'm a total slacker...really I am so bad at blogging!

Anyway, not much has happened in our lives since my last post, but I'll share the boring details anyway.

So first of all we had a baby shower for Hailey...we had a good turn out and Hailey was a total doll - at least I think she was...I didn't hold her or really see her the whole night. I got loads and loads of really cute things for Hailey - she's one spoiled little girl! Being the first granddaughter on my side definitely has it's perks...I just hope it doesn't go to her head! Here are some pics from the big event:

Mom's playing some game with everyone - not sure which one!

Me and Emily's little guy Roel...and that's Hailey's soother in my mouth - it spends more time hanging out of my mouth than hers
More of the game - and the McVeity's
Yuka (and tummy baby), Sarah, Roel and Emily

Becc and Amy during Mom's game
Oh - and Laura Taylor and her new baby Heidi showed up too...I don't have pics but I just had to let you know how impressed I was. I definitely was going nowhere right after Hailey was born. Gosh even now I have a hard time going anywhere - Laura's a real trooper. So, there's a ton more pics from the shower....but I have other things to write about - so onto the next exciting event:

Then just the next day I wen to Time-Out for amazing conference just for us gals. It was really neat - even though I spent the majority of the time in the little 'nursing' lounge. I went with Mom, Tan and Sarah on Friday and then Becc took Sarah's place on Saturday. We went for a walk during out lunch break and just proved to the world how weird our family is. I'm just glad we were there on Saturday - cause if it was in the middle of the week I would have seen too many people I know from work and would have been too embarassed to be around these two:
Oh, and here's Hailey all dolled out for the conference...seriously she's such a cutie!

Then, Hailey and me spent a few days just hanging out and getting her back on schedule...those were a few tough days - but she's napping again and sleeping like a pro! And then this weekend Ben's friend James came up and worked on the electrical for the garage and Ben's friend Sheldon came up and installed our garage door. Ok - that's not interesting, but what was fun about it is that Sheldon's wife (and my friend) Chantelle came with her little 8 month old baby Jocelyn. Hailey's first play date! Well...Hailey spent the majority of the day napping and eating, but we did take a few pictures of them at the end of the day:

A little bit of tummy time...I think Hailey sometimes forgets that she's not a frog (especially when she has the hiccups, all she does is 'ribbit')

Jocelyn trying to figure out how she can eat Hailey's hand and get away with it...

Hailey, being the worry wort that she is telling, Jocelyn to sit still for the camera or she might fall...
Jocelyn flashing one of her famous smiles...Hailey giving one of her famous blank stares...
I think we need to work on Hailey's social skills because right after Jocelyn gave her a hug...
Hailey decided to knee her in the diaper...I hope they can still be friends!

And finally here is a picture of Hailey in the cutest little dress ever - she's obviously getting tired of all the pictures I take of her, but seriously she's too cute - I can't resist taking a few shots!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

A weekend of firsts...

So we went on our first little Holiday as a family of three! I know some people are waaaaay more gutsy and would have done something cooler, or even gone earlier...but I think I was pretty gutsy to be taking a 6-7 week old baby anywhere for more than a few hours. Anyway, we decided to head down to Kalispell for the the weekend and hit up the local Target...and the Ross..and the Home Depot - basically we just wanted to do some shopping. So we headed out on Thursday night...and what would normally be a 4 hour trip turned into a 10 hour trip...I guess that's what happens when you're baby's on a tight schedule and likes to eat every three hours. This 'Babywise' stuff means I have a happy baby 99% of the time, but it's soooo restrictive and things can get a bit ugly when we're off schedule.'s still the best thing I could have done. I loooooove my scheduled baby! Anyway...back to the Holiday. So we checked into our hotel and had a nice night...Hailey slept like a champ and let her mom and dad recover from the drive down (through a reserve on some pretty scary mountain roads that conveniently had horses...and cows...and foxes and all sorts of animals running around - in the middle of the night!) it was scary! So the next morning...we made our little trip to Target while Ben went to Home Depot to price out a drill for the business (I know we have Home Depot here, but things are just cheaper down there). Anyway, I know I'm a shopper...and I know Hailey is too, but Kalispell doesn't have much more to offer than we were soooo happy when Chris and Lauren (who were down at her family's cabin for the weekend) called us up. So, we headed out to Echo Lake and spent the evening with Lauren's family - who by the way are lots of fun and super friendly! We sat around and talked and then played a dice game and finally headed back to the hotel for another good night of sleeping by Hailey...and then we started the day all over again. We went to Target...again, and to Home Depot...again, and then to Echo Lake to see Chris and Lauren! They took us on a boat ride...Hailey's first! She was soooo cute in her little life jacket. Then later we went bowling...I had to wear Hailey in the '80's baby bjorn'...and she loved it. The best part of it all was the score at the end:Chris won...of course, Ben came in second...he had a cast on his right hand, so was bowling left handed and still beat me and Lauren, then I was third...and I was wearing a baby the whole time, and then poor Lauren was last and had no excuse. She was a good sport though...and we all know I would have been a total gong show if I could actually throw the ball and faster - Hailey kept me in line! SO don't feel bad Lauren, I'm usually way way worse...well 73's a pretty bad score, but believe me, it gets worse!

Anyway, we decided to head home on Sunday and try to get Hailey back on her schedule. She did soooo good until Saturday and then decided to stop napping and therefore kept us up for a few hours until she finally decided to sleep for the night. So we headed back and this time drove through Logan's pass instead of the reserve...although it was almost as scary as the horses on the road. Here's Ben and Hailey in front of some Lake just before we headed up to the Pass. Sooooo cute!!
And here's a picture looking out the window while driving on the Pass...the mountain literally dropped straight down after that little edge on the road....freaky! I was seriously so scared!
And here a pic of where we came can kind of see a little road carved out of the edge of the Mountain...I'm not kidding, it seriously freaked me out!!
Anyway, we made it safely to the top of the pass...took some pictures of the wildlife and the rest was downhill from there. I finally could breathe again!'s a picture of me at a pull out on one of the less scary stretches of the pass... I had to get out and face my fears - so there I am smiling through my tears. That is the girl who went Bungee jumping when she was 14...used to take huge - I mean HUGE jumps snowboarding...loved to rock climb and hike...and now it's the girl who cries while safe inside her truck on a narrow little stretch of road. What has happened to me??? I am no longer as gutsy as I used to be!

Anyway, that's it. A weekend of firsts...Hailey's first trip across the boarder, her first boat ride, first time bowling and our first little Holiday. We had lots of fun and are looking forward to more firsts to come!

Oh and here's one of the cute baby...just for fiun!