Friday, September 28, 2007

Retro Dance Party!

So my family's pretty cool...I'd have to say though, I'm a pretty important contributor to that status. Anyway, Tan had a little...well a preety big Retro Dance Part last weekend. Seriously, when I say cool, I mean it! Anyway, Nate rents out community centres for his work (it's furniture related and pretty cool) last weekend Nate and Tan hired a DJ (thanks to Becc and her connections), they invited a ton of friends and we had a dance party at the community centre Nate had rented! It was pretty fun. Ben and I dropped Hailey off with Grandma and Grandpa (who by the way were babysitting 4 other grandkids too...a 6 year old, a 3 year old, a 18 month and a 12 month old). So they had 4 boys and 1 girl to watch and put to bed - all by themselves! They were very very succesful...but I'm sure they were hoping at least one of their kids wasn't so cheap. But really, who's better than Grandma and Grandpa? No one - and I really don't think anyone else could have put all 5 kids to bed...all on time too! Amazing!!!
Here's a pic of hailey with three of her cousins. These boys are all tough and fully boys...they play with their swords and in the dirt and they are all some sort of super hero, but...when Hailey's around they soften right up and all you heare from their little mouths is "she's soooo cute" or from Marcus "he's so cute" (he's still working on the whole gender thing).

Anyway, we did a lot of eating, and a lot of dancing...and 3 lucky people won door prizes at the end....two peices of art from the furniture show, two memory foam pillows and one leather ottoman. So, although I didn't win, I'm hoping Nate and Tan have another party so I can try again...I had my eyes on that storage ottoman. So, here are some pics from the event! Oh and just a warning...only the people who actually dressed up or danced get spotlighted on this have to play along in my fmaily!!
The Girls and our snazzy outfits!! Notice that Sarah's missing? She thought she was too cool!
Becc and some friends dancing up a storm! Oh that's Amy (my cousin) in the red dress!! I would wear that in real life!
Me...Im a real good dancer...I swear! Nice dress hey?
Josh and Skyy - showin' off as always she's a good dancer - as you can tell!

And finally some classic Jeff and Yuka!

Anyway, it was seriously so fun so I'm really hoping Tan does it again! So that's my update for now. Hopefully next week I'll have pictures from Hailey's blessing this weekend. She's going to wear the same dress my sisters and I were blessed in, the same slip that her grandma and her great grandpa and I'm sure some other other 'great' people wore when they were christened. So she's carrying on a family tradition...her initials are even ebroidered into the dress just like everyone else's - and in case anyone thought it through - yes, I know her initials spell H.A.M! I didn't know though until after she was named and brought home from the hospital...she'll be fine.


Angie said...

looks like fun! I saw the blessing dresses at your house the other day..when you weren't there. they are so cute and that is so special that she gets to be blessed in a family dress.

Jewel said...

Wish we could be there at her baby blessing. Sure will be a special day. Wow, a date night of dancing. So nice your parents are close by. Great to get Hailey used to a babysitter so you guys can have fun dates!