Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vegas Baby

This year my good ol' Hubby turns 30!! So since he never goes with me when I travel, I decided to take him somewhere small fr his Birthday. As a surprise that is. He knew he was getting a surprise gift, and he knew he was allowed to guess what it was. And he did pretty good at not guessing the right thing, in fact, he swore it was a gun right up until the second I told him. So ideally I would have kept the secret until the second we arrived at the airport, but things just didn't work out that way. I'll take full credit for spoiling the surprise too. I just can NOT keep a secret, at least not from my husband. Especially if it's something as fun as this.

Anyway, on Friday of this week we drove across the border, caught our flight, and landed safely in Vegas!! Arriving in Vegas late on a Friday night had me convinced that I had packed the wrong wardrobe (i.e. I brought the normal wardrobe instead of the rhinestone miniskirt one - my bad). Thank goodness when I woke up the next morning the rest of humanity emerged and I felt a bit better in my wardrobe decision for the weekend.

So while in Vegas we ate...and ate and ate and ate! Seriously, I gained a million pounds. We hit up three buffets; in order of appearance: Paris, Harrah's, Rio. In order of yumminess (best to semi best): Rio, Paris, Harrah's. Ben was in heaven with all the crab legs and shrimp he could stomach. I was in heaven with all the food - I didn't care what it was. I ate it.

Also, while there we went to the "Blue Man Group". It was indescribably fantastic! I really really loved it! We also got $100 in free gambling (lame story about going to a time share presentation, and getting tickets to an equally as lame show) But we DID get a lot of free slot time out of the deal. Of the $100 dollars we were given, we walked away with $65. Not bad for free money, but not so good if it were our real money. Plus we got another great meal out of the deal. We could have done better as far as the 'free show'- but it's a sensitive subject right now. So I'll shut up. We did have a LOT of fun though!

Anyway, enough of the talking...here are some pics.

Me - New York New York

Ben - waiting in line at Paris - to EAT EAT EAT!!

Us - waiting for Blue Man Group to Start

Me - Post Blue Man Group Playing a little Pipe contraption

Us - driving in the car - LOVE the self portraits!

Hoover dam

And Again
Me semi-winning

Goodbye Vegas - see you again sometime!

P.S. Did I mention how GRATEFUL I am to my parents for watching my little babes?? Well I am. And I'm especially happy that my Paiger decided that other people (besides me) are ok. She made some new friends this weekend!! YAY!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

But BUTT...

We're cool like this...

Really, both Ben and I thought we were being so funny by covertly taking pictures of each other's behinds. Looks like we're both busted! Like I said, we're cool like that.

Anyway, you know it's been a rough month when your blog address isn't even in your computer's memory. Oh well. We've been busy. Let's see, since we last talked we celebrated Easter and Mother's day. Hailey worked on her smile a little bit. Paige made friends with Sarah. And that's pretty much it. Busy - I know!

Paige will willingly go to 4 people without crying at all - Me, Ben, Sarah, and most strangely - Lauren's sister (as in my sister in laws sister)! Soooo strange! I'm not too sure what the Grandma's think of this.

So this is Paige and Sarah. And in case you can't tell, Paige is happy...very happy!

Hailey - just pure concentration

Hailey - just pure joy

Both girls - just pure interest? Shock? Excitement?

Probably the best Easter picture EVER (my nephew Max - pure excitement)

Hailey learning to smile

Me and my big girl...Paige was in the middle of a MUCH needed nap. I'm obviously missing a much needed chin...and a neck

And - as close as I got to kissing her...without her fully making out with me (if you know what I mean)