Wednesday, May 12, 2010

But BUTT...

We're cool like this...

Really, both Ben and I thought we were being so funny by covertly taking pictures of each other's behinds. Looks like we're both busted! Like I said, we're cool like that.

Anyway, you know it's been a rough month when your blog address isn't even in your computer's memory. Oh well. We've been busy. Let's see, since we last talked we celebrated Easter and Mother's day. Hailey worked on her smile a little bit. Paige made friends with Sarah. And that's pretty much it. Busy - I know!

Paige will willingly go to 4 people without crying at all - Me, Ben, Sarah, and most strangely - Lauren's sister (as in my sister in laws sister)! Soooo strange! I'm not too sure what the Grandma's think of this.

So this is Paige and Sarah. And in case you can't tell, Paige is happy...very happy!

Hailey - just pure concentration

Hailey - just pure joy

Both girls - just pure interest? Shock? Excitement?

Probably the best Easter picture EVER (my nephew Max - pure excitement)

Hailey learning to smile

Me and my big girl...Paige was in the middle of a MUCH needed nap. I'm obviously missing a much needed chin...and a neck

And - as close as I got to kissing her...without her fully making out with me (if you know what I mean)


The Harker Family said...

You are so flippin' funny! I love it! I always laugh when I read your blog. Cute butt pics! The pics of your girls are absolutely gorgeous! They are so sweet. I must say that the last photo is my favourite! It really conveys the mother-daughter love and bond. You should frame that one!

The Harker Family said...

Oh and I forgot to say I noticed you changed your hair colour! It's darker! It looks fab!

Jewel said...

You look amazing Meagan! I especially love that last shot. Your little girlies are so cute too...and getting so big so fast! Fun to read a new post!

Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

You two are soo funny! I love your hair! Your girls are so beautiful! Looks like life is good for ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pixilated humour (that's not pixelated). I can just imagine the grin on Ben's face when you saw what he'd snapped.

You're looking good.

Love the funny pictures, including the bored, bored, bored one. lol

Baker Family said...

Cute pictures!!!