Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May....wow, it's almost June

Well...May has come and it's almost nearly gone! Yikes! That means it's basically summer. Which is so great! Soooooo great!

So I guess I should do a quick recap of May:

May first = mom being tired from a busy April. So Ben took Hailey to Claresholm for the day and I stayed home with Paige. Let's just say, ONE kid is way harder then two! I had to do so much more entertaining and playing then I normally do. We had fun though and even went to the park (and then dinner with friends who took pity on me).
The weather this month was gorgeous! I won't even get into the whole "it's about time thing" because I fully understand and accept that I live in Alberta. It's been a wintery mess like this my whole life. I don't have dreams to move anywhere else, so I better not complain about this beautiful beautiful place I live! Anyway, because the weather was so great we spent a TON of time outside. In fact I tried not to let my girls inside the house at all...unless it was absolutely necessary. And eating meals wasn't a good enough reason to come inside. So we had a TON of picnics on the back deck. I LOVE my backyard!

So this isn't so much a May thing...but more of an every day thing; BUT I've definitely got a little girl on my hands. We spent a lot of time this month having fashion shows and clothing parades (which apparently are NOT the same thing). We spent a lot of time dancing and batting our lashes and talking about how stylish we were. I'm not sure, but I think I may need to keep an eye on this one as she gets older

Mothers day rolled around. To celebrate Ben and I went out on a date...FINALLY! We did some shopping first - which is really the only gift I could think of for Mother's day - I might have a clothing obsession! Then we had a big mothers day dinner at our home on Sunday (with both sides of our family) which was soooo wonderful! It was awesome to have so many mothers in our home celebrating each other! We are great! At the end of the evening the stragglers all went for a walk to the park by our house. This picture is probably the best you can get of all the Grand kids on my side of the family!
The most exciting event in all of May for us (and especially Hailey) was that Alisa and Yuka came home from Japan. Hailey LOOOOOVES her cousin Alisa! Now if only Addie would come home from the Caribbean - then Hailey would be in Heaven!

Aren't they soooo cute together??

This last weekend we decided to take our trailer out for the first time this year....which means we had to stop in Claresholm to pick up an extra quad...which means the girls got to go on quad rides with their grandpa

Hailey got to ride her Christmas present for the first time....she's hooked!

Daddy also took her out on his quad a few times

Camping was great: I sat around the campsite and ate food. Does it get any better?

We bought a hammock when we were in Mexico this year. We Obviously LOVED it!

Ben and some of our nephews played on the Hammock

Hailey and her cousin played on the Hammock

Paige and I played with the Hammock. We all loved the Hammock...nerdy I know.

We camped in Montana - it was really kind of cool. We were right on Lake Kucanusa which is a reservoir. Apparently they had just barely closed the dam, so the water was really low. Which meant the banks of the lake were completely bare - and all sand! Picture sand dunes...now picture quads on those sand dunes. Amazing.

So that's it for May. Our June looks promising! We're hoping to camp twice in June, attend my High school Reunion, celebrate Paige's Birthday, and if Ben's on his best behaviour he might get a birthday and/or fathers day too (I think his gift this year will be quadding helmets for all of us, what do you think?)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I need to blog

But instead I feel like doing this:

I'm not pregnant or anything terribly exciting like that (which is what I know you were thinking), but I'm just very busy and very worn out. I will be back next week though and hopefully something blog worthy happens in my life before then. If not...well, I'll come up with something.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Oh Right...we celebrated Easter

How could I forget? Easter is only one of my favourite Holidays! Nothing...and I mean NOTHING beats the candy you can get at Easter. LOVELY!

We celebrated in the normal fashion...

An early rising for the girls so they could glance at their baskets before we headed to church.
(is this picture not perfect blackmail material one day)

This one too I guess...I have so much to work with:)

Then an Easter egg hunt with the cousins in the evening...

My girls were lucky because they had most of their cousins there...even Jaxson and Millie who are actually on the other side of the family.

We also were very lucky to celebrate a day earlier with Ben's cousins and their families. There was a LOT of candy involved...and I'm just fine with that! mmm candy! Really, I regret not having bought more Easter candy this year, it was all gone before I was ready to say goodbye. There's always next year I guess...or Walmart at least.