Thursday, May 05, 2011

Oh Right...we celebrated Easter

How could I forget? Easter is only one of my favourite Holidays! Nothing...and I mean NOTHING beats the candy you can get at Easter. LOVELY!

We celebrated in the normal fashion...

An early rising for the girls so they could glance at their baskets before we headed to church.
(is this picture not perfect blackmail material one day)

This one too I guess...I have so much to work with:)

Then an Easter egg hunt with the cousins in the evening...

My girls were lucky because they had most of their cousins there...even Jaxson and Millie who are actually on the other side of the family.

We also were very lucky to celebrate a day earlier with Ben's cousins and their families. There was a LOT of candy involved...and I'm just fine with that! mmm candy! Really, I regret not having bought more Easter candy this year, it was all gone before I was ready to say goodbye. There's always next year I guess...or Walmart at least.


The Harker Family said...

Cutest pictures of your girls! So sweet! Hey, we do have Cadbury Mini Eggs year round now. Yum! :-)

Laura said...

mmmm mini eggs. i seriously buy those all the time and don't share, they are my favorite indulgence. My kids got a lot of candy too, and then it was hidden, and later eaten by me! hahaha. I love the just woken up pictures!! Priceless! And then later in the day with not a hair out of place. they clean up well!

Anonymous said...

LOL Laura, they do clean up well, don't they? :)