Saturday, May 31, 2008

Check this out

Crazy hey?? Just the other day I was sitting on the floor, the babe was standing at the Ottoman and then suddenly out of no where she took four steps towards me. C-R-A-Z-Y!!!! So she's not realy walking yet, but she's sure trying. Either way, she's just so plain old cute! I'm so overly excited, because this is the baby that didn't crawl until 9.5 months, she couldn't even roll from back to front until almost 7 months (I think), so it's extra exciting to see her do something a little early!!

Yay Hailey!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Pics from the weekend I got the pictures from our May-long trip from Tanya. Ahhhh....I'm so in love with them. I'm so in love with them to the point that I don't even CARE how white my legs are. Besides...after reading Twilight, I have a new appreciation for pale skin.


Oh man...I'm so in love with that cute little Hailey Babe. She made the weekend.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

HMC...RV's Maiden voyage

Ahhh....only my mom would get the title to this post. I think I'm sooo clever!! he he he, HMCRV. - bwa ha ha ha!!! What a total loser I am. And if you even get what I'm talking about - then you're a total loser too (sorry mom)

Anyway, we took the RV out for her maiden voyage last weekend. It was fun...and somewhat stressful. I've just become so accustomed to getting a full (undisturbed) night of sleep that I was dreading this weekend. The only times we've taken Hailey somewhere else overnight have been complete disasters. Disaster in the way that a 9 month old baby wakes as many, if not more, times at night then a newborn...yes a disaster! Anyway, I spent the whole trip shushing everyone around us, and I've pretty much guaranteed that we'll only be camping alone from now on - no one likes being shushed that many times in one weekend. I know...I was so annoying, but I sooooo needed my baby to sleep. And....she did!!! At least I'm pretty sure she did, I wore earplugs the entire time, so I'm not 100% sure.

Anyway, Nate and Tan and their boys came along. They had their own camper to stay in. Then Josh and his girlfriend Lita and my parents came too. Josh and my dad were banished to a tent and Lita and Mom stayed in our trailer. There was actually room for all of them in the trailer, but dad snores really loud, and we can't guarantee anything will smell fresh after Josh has been around - so they had to sleep outside. I think they were fine with it though... or at least they were used to it. Anyway, it was a fun trip. We stayed in a campground near Kalispel MO, which means we got to hit the Target, Ross, Lowe's, and Bath and Body works - all while enjoying some seriously beautiful country. Seriously, it's so gorgeous down there. So, here are some pics from the weekend. Tan, has some more on her camera - and I really really need to get them because if I remember correctly, there are some gorgeous ones of us on the Beach.

The front end of the big rig - pretty cool. Do you see the laundry basket there? that's directly below the laundry chute - yes, the RV has a laundry chute.

Me and the Babe in front of the monster just before we left to go home- it really is a monster. There's a full pop-out on the other side too...sorry no pics of that

Here's one of Mom and Hailey inside the camper...Hailey was trying on her new outfit - cute hey?

Hailey and Alexander...banished to the playpen. Alexander was free to go, but he actually liked it in there. Oh - and I usually do dress my kid in matching clothes, just not when she's crawling in dirt.

Ben - working hard as always...and telling me to do something useful - as always.

Friday, May 23, 2008

BPA and the Zoo

So I'm sure many of you parents are aware of this whole BPA thing. It's not actually new...but it's new in the news! Do you follow? Anyway, I've been fully aware of it for a while, but yet I still let Hailey drink out of her Avent bottles (which we ALL know is made from polycarbonates... which we also ALL know is made with BPA... common knowledge). So, my whole theory was that if I didn't heat the bottle, everything would be ok - no chemicals would leach into her milk and therefore we would be fine! And I'm sure we could have all lived a long happy life if we followed that hypothesis (maybe our kids would have an extra arm or two...but no biggie right?) Well, here's the thing, Health Canada decided to put out a report that basically sent all bottle feeding moms into a full blown frenzy. But that's the sort of thing that happens when you find out you've just spent the last 10 months poisoning your child - right?? Common everyday kind of stuff around here. Anyway, I joke about it because that's what I do, but in all seriousness, I think they're right. It's better to be safe than sorry. I'm sure us BPA bottle feeding moms didn't really poison our kids, but why take the risk? Especially when you can return all your 'bad' bottles without a receipt and buy 'good' ones with that money! It's a good deal and I'll gladly go along with it (as long as you don't get me started on the ridiculous mark up of BPA free bottles. Come on... we've totally been taken advantage of!)

So last week...or the week before we returned all three of Hailey's bottles and bought some nice 'Born Free' bottles. She doesn't seem to care...and I'm happier then ever because I didn't even pay for her original bottles in the first place. It all worked out fine....except for the time when Hailey overheard me talking about it all:

Interpretation of her face: What? BPA in my bottles?? What kind of world is this?? What about this sippy cup here? Will this give me a third arm too?

Don't worry, I'm a good enough mom that I explained to her that things will be ok (and she can always sue us later if she feels it's necessary) and that her sippy cup is BPA free, I checked. She seemed somewhat satisfied with that answer.

On to better things. So last week we went to the zoo with Laura and her kids. And this time we finally got some pics of the kids together:

They loved it...can you tell?

Hailey says: Excuse me Heidi...but you're not supposed to lick the glass

And finally - me and the babe...Hailey's still a bit wary of me after the whole BPA thing. She'll come around eventually.

ETA: So...I just have to be clear here...I really am a good mom. In fact, Hailey has been using the Avent Tempo liners for quite some time (and they are supposedly safe) - and that's only when she is lucky enough to get a bottle. I was never really comfortable with her using the regular bottles. Oh and we never microwaved them either...I at least knew that much. Anyway, here's a link to some info on BPA and bottles:

A list of 'safe' bottles:

-we now use the bornfree ones and we have an adiri - although Hailey isn't a big fan of it. It's a cool concept though

And an in depth review of bottles in general:

Actually read that entire blog, there's some really great info on there. Anyway, this is just my take on things...make up your own minds.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Things that scare...

So there are a few things in this world that are scary...yet completely harmless.



One would be Ben's reaction when he discovered the blue streak across our car was not some random mark, but was the result of his wife's lack of depth perception and minor run in with a wheelbarrow. Ok...he wasn't really scary, but he definitely was soooo harmless.

Another example would be me in labour...scary? Yes. Harmless? Completely - well I guess that depends on how fast you can run.

Anyway, the third thing would be Febrile Seizures! Hailey had two of these this week and boy are they scary! S-C-A-R-Y! But oh so harmless. Basically she had a high fever, and therefore she had a seizure. And then, the next day when I couldn't keep her temperature down she did it again. At first I wasn't too sure what it was, but I knew something was wrong. I took her into Urgent care and assumed they would send me home without a diagnosis and secretly laughing at me again behind my back (remember the Urgent care/teething post from a while back - yeah, you remember). INSTEAD...they sent me home with a pile of information on seizures, a requisition for an EEG and tears streaming down my cheeks. It was not a good day.

Here's the thing about Febrile seizures, they are completely harmless. They are an extreme reaction to a fever...and that's it. But medically speaking, there's no harm done. Once the doctors know what causes the fever and once they are satisfied that they can treat whatever that problem is, they don't care about the seizures. In Hailey's case she had group C strep...which is relatively minor and is often not treated. So our only concern was keeping her fever down...and therefore avoiding another seizure. Which we did...and she's fine now! No more more seizures and hopefully no more tears for a little while. That doesn't mean I won't be taking her temperature every 5 minutes for the next 20 years....but at least we know she's ok. She just scared us a bit...but that's what babies do.

Friday, May 09, 2008

What a week I've had...

It's been a crazy and oh so scary week around our house. My poor little baby decided to get sick and scare her mom and dad half to death. She's fine now and just as cute as ever. I'll post more about it all later, but I just had to share a little insight into my mind.

So Hailey had a pretty hot little temperature this week. I took her temperature, converted it to Fahrenheit like all bad Canadians do, saw that it was 104, and then thought to myself:

"interesting...If she was a werewolf it would be 109.9"

Do you think I'm too obsessed with my Vampire/werewolf books? I think so.

Friday, May 02, 2008


As promised. Pictures, but no video - I can't get them to load:

Hailey before her bath...I can almost her saying "muuuuum, please - a little privacy??"

Second Cousins...she had to wait until he was strapped in before attacking. Definitely an opportunist.

A little Baby Daddy love

Going for the stairs...her new favourite thing

The Happy Couple!! Glamorous as always.

Oh, I can't forget about a few other fun things we've done lately. Just a few weeks ago, we headed south for the day for celebrate Ashley's Birthday! The big 21...which of course means she's going on a mission - watch out all you Knoxville Tennessee peeps - Ashley's a comin'. I just said peeps - ha ha ha.

We played mini-golf and Hailey was cute - of Course.

And then at one point we had Chris and Lauren over for some food and cards. We even dug the old coffee table out of hibernation for the event - lucky them!You think they'd be over more often since they literally live down the street...but it seems like we hardly see each other at all. Come over more (said in whiny pleading voice).

Here's Hailey and Chris, she thought she was pretty cool sitting there like such a big girl.

And that's it!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Has it been that long already??

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. I swear it was someone messing with my calendar?? Anyway, since my last 'hopeless romantic' post, I have gone on to read the other two books in the series...and can I just say how embarrassingly in love I am?? I KNOW it's so juvenile but I can't resist it. Anyway, I'm done with the books for a while and I am looking forward to getting on with my life. I have been so consumed with the stupid books that it will be nice to have a break!

So not much has gone on in our lives since last post. I've been sick here for almost a week and I'm finally feeling better. All I can say about being sick though is that I now know (FOR SURE) that I can't handle being pregnant again for a LOOOOONG time. I had some sort of stomach bug and it was way too much like morning sickness for my liking. It just reminded me how awful those first 4 months are, and I'm so not ready for it any time soon - as in at least another year.

Hmmm, what else? Oh - Hailey is now crawling!! Yippee! She's so happy now too. She's also mastered the stairs (well the going up motion...going down is a distant dream) and she is an expert at pulling up on things - things like her crib at 4AM. Ugh. We practice the sitting down thing all day long so she knows how to do it, but there's something about the crib slats at 4AM that keep her from sitting down. One day right?? I have some cute pictures on my camera, which is conveniently dead right now, so once it's charged I'll post them. I also have some videos of her showing off...oh and some serious lunch time drama. They're good fun. So stay tuned, there will be pictures.