Thursday, May 01, 2008

Has it been that long already??

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. I swear it was someone messing with my calendar?? Anyway, since my last 'hopeless romantic' post, I have gone on to read the other two books in the series...and can I just say how embarrassingly in love I am?? I KNOW it's so juvenile but I can't resist it. Anyway, I'm done with the books for a while and I am looking forward to getting on with my life. I have been so consumed with the stupid books that it will be nice to have a break!

So not much has gone on in our lives since last post. I've been sick here for almost a week and I'm finally feeling better. All I can say about being sick though is that I now know (FOR SURE) that I can't handle being pregnant again for a LOOOOONG time. I had some sort of stomach bug and it was way too much like morning sickness for my liking. It just reminded me how awful those first 4 months are, and I'm so not ready for it any time soon - as in at least another year.

Hmmm, what else? Oh - Hailey is now crawling!! Yippee! She's so happy now too. She's also mastered the stairs (well the going up motion...going down is a distant dream) and she is an expert at pulling up on things - things like her crib at 4AM. Ugh. We practice the sitting down thing all day long so she knows how to do it, but there's something about the crib slats at 4AM that keep her from sitting down. One day right?? I have some cute pictures on my camera, which is conveniently dead right now, so once it's charged I'll post them. I also have some videos of her showing off...oh and some serious lunch time drama. They're good fun. So stay tuned, there will be pictures.


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back.

Standing up in a crib in the middle of the night and not quite knowing how to sit back down is a family trait. LOL It's happened before!
Love yah, Mom, aka Grandma

Francis Family said...

I thought you were saying your pregnant when you mentioned the sickness!! haha