Friday, May 02, 2008


As promised. Pictures, but no video - I can't get them to load:

Hailey before her bath...I can almost her saying "muuuuum, please - a little privacy??"

Second Cousins...she had to wait until he was strapped in before attacking. Definitely an opportunist.

A little Baby Daddy love

Going for the stairs...her new favourite thing

The Happy Couple!! Glamorous as always.

Oh, I can't forget about a few other fun things we've done lately. Just a few weeks ago, we headed south for the day for celebrate Ashley's Birthday! The big 21...which of course means she's going on a mission - watch out all you Knoxville Tennessee peeps - Ashley's a comin'. I just said peeps - ha ha ha.

We played mini-golf and Hailey was cute - of Course.

And then at one point we had Chris and Lauren over for some food and cards. We even dug the old coffee table out of hibernation for the event - lucky them!You think they'd be over more often since they literally live down the street...but it seems like we hardly see each other at all. Come over more (said in whiny pleading voice).

Here's Hailey and Chris, she thought she was pretty cool sitting there like such a big girl.

And that's it!


Jewel said...

Ahhh. Sweet photos! Glad you posted them.

The Taylors said...

Yay for crawling, Heidi is trying hard to crawl but can't quite get it so she just whines instead, it can get so annoying wish she would just crawl! but then I would have to keep the floors more clean! CUTEST pictures ever! Hailey is such a little doll, can't wait to see ya next week at the zoo! hailey will LOVE it! That is about how old Jadyn was when I first took her too!