Friday, May 09, 2008

What a week I've had...

It's been a crazy and oh so scary week around our house. My poor little baby decided to get sick and scare her mom and dad half to death. She's fine now and just as cute as ever. I'll post more about it all later, but I just had to share a little insight into my mind.

So Hailey had a pretty hot little temperature this week. I took her temperature, converted it to Fahrenheit like all bad Canadians do, saw that it was 104, and then thought to myself:

"interesting...If she was a werewolf it would be 109.9"

Do you think I'm too obsessed with my Vampire/werewolf books? I think so.

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Jewels said...

WOW. I had to read this out loud to Paul, who I made read these books, so that he could appreciate things like this :) Thanks for sharing this! :D