Sunday, May 25, 2008

HMC...RV's Maiden voyage

Ahhh....only my mom would get the title to this post. I think I'm sooo clever!! he he he, HMCRV. - bwa ha ha ha!!! What a total loser I am. And if you even get what I'm talking about - then you're a total loser too (sorry mom)

Anyway, we took the RV out for her maiden voyage last weekend. It was fun...and somewhat stressful. I've just become so accustomed to getting a full (undisturbed) night of sleep that I was dreading this weekend. The only times we've taken Hailey somewhere else overnight have been complete disasters. Disaster in the way that a 9 month old baby wakes as many, if not more, times at night then a newborn...yes a disaster! Anyway, I spent the whole trip shushing everyone around us, and I've pretty much guaranteed that we'll only be camping alone from now on - no one likes being shushed that many times in one weekend. I know...I was so annoying, but I sooooo needed my baby to sleep. And....she did!!! At least I'm pretty sure she did, I wore earplugs the entire time, so I'm not 100% sure.

Anyway, Nate and Tan and their boys came along. They had their own camper to stay in. Then Josh and his girlfriend Lita and my parents came too. Josh and my dad were banished to a tent and Lita and Mom stayed in our trailer. There was actually room for all of them in the trailer, but dad snores really loud, and we can't guarantee anything will smell fresh after Josh has been around - so they had to sleep outside. I think they were fine with it though... or at least they were used to it. Anyway, it was a fun trip. We stayed in a campground near Kalispel MO, which means we got to hit the Target, Ross, Lowe's, and Bath and Body works - all while enjoying some seriously beautiful country. Seriously, it's so gorgeous down there. So, here are some pics from the weekend. Tan, has some more on her camera - and I really really need to get them because if I remember correctly, there are some gorgeous ones of us on the Beach.

The front end of the big rig - pretty cool. Do you see the laundry basket there? that's directly below the laundry chute - yes, the RV has a laundry chute.

Me and the Babe in front of the monster just before we left to go home- it really is a monster. There's a full pop-out on the other side too...sorry no pics of that

Here's one of Mom and Hailey inside the camper...Hailey was trying on her new outfit - cute hey?

Hailey and Alexander...banished to the playpen. Alexander was free to go, but he actually liked it in there. Oh - and I usually do dress my kid in matching clothes, just not when she's crawling in dirt.

Ben - working hard as always...and telling me to do something useful - as always.


Jewels said...

this looks like so much fun! and ROFL @ earplugs :)

Angie said...

that looks like so much fun! i can't wait to go camping this summer!

Jewel said...

Holy cow....that's HUGE! Now that's the way to camp!! I totally missed the whole HMCRV???? You and your family will have lots of great memories of your summers camping!!!!! (great seeing you on Sunday by the way!)

Anonymous said...

well, after deliberately acting dumb so as not to appear a total loser... it still took a second to connect HMCRV with HMCS, but very clever, Meagan! As a Canadian Girl Guide I was a Sea Ranger and belonged to the HMCS Ojibwa. Because of Twilight, perhaps your RV should be named, ummm, HMCRV Quileute? (total nerd...)
Cute, cute pictures, and Ben did work hard!! He made the weekend very enjoyable and Hailey made the weekend. :)