Thursday, May 29, 2014

Readers theatre

Hailey's teacher pulled me aside the other day as I was dropping her off to school (we had a late star tot the morning and I drove her instead of putting her on the bus). Anyway, she told me how Hailey had just completed a reading and comprehension assessment and blew the teacher away with her skills. She said that not only is Hailey's reading level WELL above her grade level, but her comprehension was way way way beyond what they had expected. Of course "I" knew that...she's my smart little daughter. She's a genius. No surprise. But it sort of is actually. I mean, we all think our children are brilliant...but I also know I'm super super biased. So it was so nice to hear that validation from someone who maybe isn't so biased...maybe. I mean, look at that blonde can you NOT just fall in love with her??

So of course I was so excited to see this reading in action at her Grade One Readers Theatre Night. It was the cutest thing. They painted the background, worked on their costumes and made the night so special and perfectly adorable. I really hope they stay this perfect forever!

Monday, May 12, 2014

The pukes

I hate when my kids are sick. I really do. They're just so sad to look at. I definitely hate when they're puking, especially Hailey because she usually ends up in Urgent Care. But not this time. She just slept all day, puked a few times and made sure Dino stayed close by.  I just love that girl and her Dino. 

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Biking, Dancing and fixing your own bike

One of the things I loved about this house when we bought it was the giant deck. It's not beautiful. It's not going to show up in any backyard living magazines. BUT it is big enough for my kids to ride their bikes on. Which is perfect when you don't feel like going outside because it's supposed to be spring and it sure doesn't feel like it, and that means there's no one to watch the two year outside and stop her from running out onto the road. So I let them ride their bikes out back in our fenced in backyard. Works for me. And before you go reporting me to the bike riding/fun parenting police...don't worry, they get plenty of real bike riding too! All up and down our street for hours on ends. Trust me, we ride our bikes enough for two families!

The other beautiful thing about our backyard is the shed. Just kidding. It's the ugliest thing in the entire world. And my husband is too busy to fix it up. BUT it does have a nice reflective window, which is so perfect for checking your self out during an outdoor dance party.  Also, notice that last picture of Paige. How cute and independent is she? Oh my bikes not working? I'm only 4? No problem, I'll fix it!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Celebrations like Easter get better every single year. Children bring so much joy to our lives! These three girls especially.

So, I had been searching for MONTHS for the perfect Easter dresses for the girls. I'm getting to a tough spot though with keeping them coordinated though. Hailey's entering the big girl section at the stores, and Paige and Cait are still trailing behind in the toddler section. I don't need them to all match...but I LOVE coordinating. I wanted something classy, modern and timeless. I'm really loving lace this year...and although I found the perfect cream coloured lace dress for them, at $40 each I just couldn't do it. If I only had one girl I'd break the bank no problem. But I just couldn't justify the $120 in dresses. Which I know is probably not a lot in the grand scheme of things. But I also knew both Hailey and Paige needed completely new spring/summer clothing this shoes. And when it comes to girls and shoes, they need a lot. In fact I've decided that in the spring and summer they need: a pair of flip flops, a pair of running shoes, a pair of water shoes, a pair of durable water shoes they can actually wear around and look cute wearing, a pair of Sunday sandals, some rain boots, and one pair of cute casual shoes they can wear to nice events without overdressing. Hahahaa....I must be a girl. Because although I know this is probably excessive, I also feel like it's necessary.

Anyway, I stumbled upon these little gems at Winners in town just a few weeks before Easter. I found a matching little dress for Cait and all the World's problems had been solved. Right? Dresses, and shoes? Definitely First World Problems!

I had a few pieces in my closet that were perfect as well. And because Ben hates matching I didn't tell him what we were wearing and let him accidentally choose the right thing. Which he did. I grabbed that coordinating belt as I ran out the door so he didn't go change his tie! Because he would.

Anyway, that's the story of our Easter outfits. Aren't you glad I shared?

But in all seriousness. Easter was great. I recently got a new calling at church and I now teach Paige's little Primary class. So we had a great Easter lesson, then gobbled up a bunch of Chocolate Easter eggs. We came home and napped. That afternoon we got together with cousins, ate delicious food and then the kids were so lucky because the Easter bunny came and we all had a big egg hunt!! Fun times for all! 

p.s. I didn't take either I won't take credit for the fact that neither is fully in focus. Ben wins that award for the pictures of the three girls. And I blame the other one on my camera remote, which I have yet to fully figure out.