Thursday, May 08, 2014

Biking, Dancing and fixing your own bike

One of the things I loved about this house when we bought it was the giant deck. It's not beautiful. It's not going to show up in any backyard living magazines. BUT it is big enough for my kids to ride their bikes on. Which is perfect when you don't feel like going outside because it's supposed to be spring and it sure doesn't feel like it, and that means there's no one to watch the two year outside and stop her from running out onto the road. So I let them ride their bikes out back in our fenced in backyard. Works for me. And before you go reporting me to the bike riding/fun parenting police...don't worry, they get plenty of real bike riding too! All up and down our street for hours on ends. Trust me, we ride our bikes enough for two families!

The other beautiful thing about our backyard is the shed. Just kidding. It's the ugliest thing in the entire world. And my husband is too busy to fix it up. BUT it does have a nice reflective window, which is so perfect for checking your self out during an outdoor dance party.  Also, notice that last picture of Paige. How cute and independent is she? Oh my bikes not working? I'm only 4? No problem, I'll fix it!!

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