Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A few weeks from the iPhone

Remember when I thought I'd start up a 'weekly' blog post? I remember that too. Well the week after that decision was made, my iron levels plummeted and I found myself plastered to the couch all day long trying to find my energy through napping. And then when I figured out what was going on...I got myself onto iron pills and started to feel better! And then when that happened, I realized I was 33 weeks and needed to start nesting! So the Weekly will not be happening. But I can still post random ordinary things. That's what I do best anyway!

Last weekend we took a road trip to Montana...I bought some diapers, soothers, diaper cream and a sleeper of the blue variety and one of the pink variety (I still don't know what we're having). I also took a BAD self portrait of Ben and I. This is part of my only new years resolution: Take more pictures of Ben and I, or our Family!

Sometime in the last little bit Hailey got a makeover! And then two hours later she fell in the bathtub and almost knocked her two front teeth out. I may have cried more than anyone over this disaster. I mean...her teeth were sticking out all funny and were VERY loose! How devastating! Well, our dentist rescued us, he splinted her two front teeth back into place, they decided to live a little longer and they now look as good as new. I of course don't have a picture of her crooked loose teeth because I was too upset by the whole thing!

We road trip in style. No DVD player in any of our vehicles (imagine that hey) means we have to make do with iPhones and headphones that are just a few sizes to large! I MacGyvored that situation with a little stuffed dolphin though!

At some other point in the near past Paige and I took a trip to Home Depot. She clearly was not as excited as I was. I'm SURE her nap was super comfortable too!

Just a few days ago I made a delicious dinner a friend found for me on Pinterest. It turned out perfectly and therefor requested it's picture be taken. Here's the link if you'd like to give 'er a try yourself: Mexican Lasanga

Sometime last week we played dress up...all day long! Thank goodness we had two Snow White costumes!