Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello Blog...

Hello Blog...Nice to see you. It's been too long. I wish I had some fabulous excuse for being so obviously absent. Something amazing like - I was traveling the world, or I was discovered and I am now a HUGE Hollywood star, or...or something like that. But nope. I've just been lazy, and living my pretty normal - slightly less fabulous life. We've been filling our days with playing, napping, going to the park (enjoying a bit of the summer we never had), babysitting my nephew, teaching piano, swimming, more playing, eating and so on. Life never seems to slow down, and yet it seems like nothing all that exciting is going on. I guess we did have a busy summer, so I can accept a boring fall.

The most exciting news of the month is that I'm a little bit blonder!
Make all the jokes you want...

I also had a birthday - I might be a couple years over 25...and a few under 30. Somewhere in the middle there. I KNOW I'm not old. But I really thought I'd feel a little more grown up when I hit this section of my 20's. Maybe that's what my 30's are for? Or will it be my 40's...50's? Will I ever feel like I'm not a little 19 year old girl?

Anyway, for my Birthday I got a little thing called the 'iPhone'. Have you heard of it? Hailey obviously had. She already knew all the fun games I needed to Dora for example:

So my girls are cute as always...they really do love each other. And I love this picture (snow boot and all)

Paige is such a character...I wish I could properly describe her. She is all silliness, all attitude, all smiles, all tears, all tantrums, all 'every single extreme of mood you could imagine'. She is so entertaining and I just love this little girl.

I love her: even when she grows up right before my eyes...and proves to me that she's not just a little baby anymore.

I love her: even when she makes messes...and pretends it wasn't her:
I love her: especially when she still acts like my little baby...and cuddles with me and falls asleep in all the same places as she did when she was just a little newborn:

Oct 2010

July 2009

And then there's Hailey...this girl is also all smiles, and tears, and moods, and fun, and imagination and everything you could imagine a 3 year (who is going on 16) would be.
I love her: when she plays with her sister and makes her happy

I love her: When I see how her face lights up when she tells me princess stories that all end "Happily ever after" - and that might include a certain prince that she will marry in "three more months"
I love her: Especially when she reminds me of just how sweet and little she still is even though she's growing up ( i.e. heading off to her first day of 'joy school' and bringing along her dinosaur for protection)

Anyway...I hope I can keep up with the blog. But honestly, I imagine you won't see me back here until after Halloween when I share the pics of my girls in their cute costumes.