Wednesday, November 29, 2006


When I was online yesterday, my pic was on the main page of the site, now it's here:

I don't know what happened.

Oh well.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Simply amazing...

Is what this is!

So Bens sister is a totally amazing artist. She scrapbooks like a pro (well she is a pro) and takes pictures like a pro (which she also a pro at). If you are a faithful reader of my Blog, you would have seen this picture of us posted a while back. Anyway, Rebecca, being the total Pro she is, sent this picture into Simple Scrapbooks and gues what?? They put us on the cover of their Jan/Feb issue!! So Rebecca has her work publisehd all the time, but this is the first time I've been on the cover of a major magazine. Now let me explain how cool this is for me. Simple scrapbooks is sold in stores throughout the can buy them basically anywhere you are. So it is cool. What's also very cool is that I'd always wanted to be on the cover of a magazine, but since I have no realy talents and I'm definitely not built like a model (dang the short genes), I really had now hope. So, now that I'm sort of like Paris Hilton and famous for no reason, you can all say you knew me back when.

Ok, I know it's not as cool for some of my readers...especially the ones who have been in magazines before, but any time I'm compared to Paris Hilton, is a fun day in my books (even if I'm the one making the comparison.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Pure Entertainment

So, now for some more entertainment from my oh so exciting life. I've been pretty busy lately...but I think that's all relative. I'm sure one day I'll look back on these days and either mock myself for thinking life was busy or say a quick gratitude prayer that my life isn't as crazy anymore. I'll let you know when that day comes and what the verdict is. So this last week has been full of family, work events and lots of COLD weather.

So last weekend Ben and I went shopping with Nate for some new Furniture. We have ordered the Couch and Loveseat and once it gets here we will decide on whether we want the chair and ottoman too. All I can say though it that Leather is awesome! I don't have any kids yet, but I do know that when they spit up on the couch all I'll have to do is wipe it off. From what I hear, once you've had leather with kids you'll never go back. I'd have to say I agree, especially after last weekend with Marcus we were glad our truck is all leather. He was really good for a two year olf but the apple juice and cookies mushed into the seat cleaned up very nicely.

So anyway, on Friday Ben and I went to a friends house and we had a big "settlers" game. This is an awesome game!! I'd only played twice before that, but my strategy was getting pretty intense by the last game. And if you know me, I'm an intense gamer. Intense to the point that I'm not allowed to play most of our games cause I just start scrapin' with everyone...needless to say, I'll probably be banned from Settlers very soon.

Then on Sunday we went to Nate and Tans for a big Family dinner after Stake Conference. It was great cause Becc and Jar were actually there. Their church normally starts at 3:30 so they can never come for family dinner. Can you believe it? 3:30 pm???? That bites. Anyway, we had tons of fun just hanging out and chatting. I had mom's camera most the day so I don't have very many pictures. But I do have one of this:

Which Becc, Yuka and myself worked very hard on. Once it was ready we dropped it off to Jeff downstairs and said that we were just waiting on him now, cause we'd already decided we want Yuka to be our sister. So we're hoping and praying he got the not so subtle hint!Here's one of Jeff and Yuka! She's too cute to not want in the family!

Anyway, after mom and dad and Sarah (who has Mono...the poor girl) left; and after Becc and Jared and the kids left we pulled out this game:

And we played and played until the game ran out of Questions. It was a lot of fun, and it was surprising to see how much useless knoweldge our family has. I think all of us together have more useless knowledge than any other family I know. It's definitely something to be proud of!

Anyway, here's the final pic of the Blog...Ben and I. I know there are better ones out there...but this is all I had. Looking at this picture just makes me feel sorry for my future kids, they're going to be miniture!! Those poor underweight kids. Oh well, too bad for them.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Follow Up Pics...

Ok, so as requested, here are some pics from Fabulous Friday! I have to explain; when we showed up at Becc's ward (after a 45 min drive) they informed us that the craft we'd signed up for wasn't available...someone had cut the boards to the wrong size. Thanks for the warning. Anyway, they are going to re-cut the boards so we can do them on our own. So instead we did these little stencil things...they're ok. Not really my style, and definitely not the colours I decorate my house in for Christmas, but they work. I'm still going to do the "Wise Men Still Seek Him" board soon and I will post pictures once it's done.

Here's the Families are forever board I was talking about in the other post. Sorry for the strange picture. I was trying to find some natural light in my house to take this picture and all I could find was this little strip in the Kitchen. It works good enough.

So Yesterday Ben and I took Marcus for the day (Nate was working, and Tan was sick and couldn't quite do the 8 week old and 23 month old thing at the same time). We were so happy though, cause we love ( so much, we'd almost pay to take him for the day (almost). Anyway, he drove all over the city with us while we looked for some new furniture for our home. We've decided a leather set will be perfect for when we have kids. Puke is soooo much easier to clean off of Leather than Fabric. So we are on the prowl for the perfect couch. Anyway, after our shopping trip (unsuccessful I must say), we took Marcus to our Ward Party. It was a Mexican Themed night with dancing and music and lots of yummy food. Although, someone should have warned me about the toothpicks in the deep fried stuff...they really hurt on the way down. Anyway, at the end of the night, all the "mom's" got roses. I have this beautiful rose that I let Marcus hold for two seconds while I strapped him into his carseat and he totally destroyed it! Seriously, two seconds! So we let him play with the stem while I held the rose for him to give to his mom. He had lots of fun with the "sword". Here he is hitting Ben's head with it...

And here he is telling me to leave him alone...cause really it's completely unfair of me to expect he be gentle with a spikey rose stem. I'm a mean, mean person.

Anyway, Marcus was really so good all day long and so cute. We can't wait until Tan's sick again!

Friday, November 10, 2006

About time...

I posted again hey? So my life is really just so boring that I don't have anything cool to post about (i.e. no pics of kids yet, so I have a totally lame life). Anyway, this last weekend Ben and I headed down to Raymond for Carson's 2nd Birthday. I can't believe he's 2 already. I remember when he was born and we went to visit him with our little girly gift. He was supposed to be a girl and we didn't find out he was a boy until it was too late and I couldn't return the gift. Needless to say, he never wore the outfit we got him. So the same weekend Carson turned 2, Chris proposed to his Girlfriend (now Fiance) Lauren. She's a really sweet girl and I'm so excited that she's going to be part of the family. They're getting married in January which will make for a beautiful winter wedding. The McCance's obviously have a thing with winter weddings, Rebecca & Randall got married in January, Ben and I in February and now Chris and Lauren in January. Anyway, that's about as interesting as my life gets.

So, here's a picture of Lauren, Emily (the four year old) grabbed my camera for a few minutes and took a few pictures - this was one of them. She's going to be a talented photographer just like her mom!

Here's Emily helping Carson open his gift from us...he wasn't too interested in opening it himself because the bag was plain and boring...unlike everyone else's exciting bags!

Here's Carson playing with the dinosaur we got him...note that it's a boy toy!! We didn't get it wrong this time.

And finally, Carson playing with his car....he is such a boy! How could anyone have thought otherwise!

Anyway, this weekend I'm heading up to Becc's ward for her "Fabulous Friday". We are going to make a board with vinyl letters that says "Wise Men still Seek him". It's a Christmas decoration. I'll post a pic once it's done cause it's going to be so pretty. Have you seen these boards before? I just made one that has our last name on it and then on top it says "Families are Forever". It's also very nice. Anyway, I don't know if my life can get any more boring. So I apologize if you were reading my BLOG hoping for something interesting or're just not going to get it here.