Saturday, March 24, 2012

39 weeks

So here I am at the end of this pregnancy. It seemed like it took FOREVER! Yet somehow the last 6 weeks have just flown by! HOW?? Really, how is it almost over?

We're pretty much ready for the baby to arrive...maybe not so much emotionally/mentally, but in every other way I'm ready. I'm tired and my body's sore. Yesterday I wiped out on the ice, so I'm even a bit extra sore. But I have just a few days left and then I'll start to feel normal again. I can't wait to roll over in bed without all the effort, and I especially can't wait to sleep on my back. Oh how lovely that will be.

I'm also looking forward to a little alone time with a baby. Some peaceful cuddle time. I'll even take a LOT of crying time as long as I get a few peaceful cuddles in. I'm looking forward to my little girls getting even bigger and seeing them with their new baby brother or sister. I'm just looking forward to meeting this baby.

Now we just have to come up with some names. lol.

Anyway, here's me and my belly at 39 weeks. I feel like I was bigger at 36 weeks...but it's really just that I've dropped. The baby is getting READY!

A boring Update

Life has been pretty low key these last few days. We're slowly...very slowly working on getting ready for this baby. I'm rounding up things like baby clothes (for boy or girl), baby blankets (also for boy or girl), baby swing, bassinet, crib, car seat, diapers, diaper cream etc. I've also finally packed my hospital bag...which is surprisingly early for me. Normally I pack it while I'm rushing around like mad as I head into the hospital. But I just feel like being more prepared this time. I have less than one week until I hit my due date. I was early with both my girls and although I'm trying to NOT expect an early baby again, I do sort of have my hopes up. I'm thinking Monday or Tuesday would work for me! We'll see.

Anyway, besides getting ready for this baby, we've been doing a lot of sleeping. Ben was involved in a pretty traumatic Snowmobile accident a few weeks ago, and although he's fine, we're all pretty shaken. And if you didn't know, feeling 'shaken' makes you TIRED! So most everything important in our lives has been put on hold while we process things and try to figure out what our new normal is. I'm pretty sure our new normal will be arriving this week, and will make us even MORE tired! But it's something wonderful and amazing to look forward to!

Anyway, here's a glimpse into our daily lives. Both our girls are such blessings in our lives. But sometimes we really know how lucky we are to have Paige in our family. She is ALWAYS game for a cuddle or two. So when Mom's sad or Dad's tired, she's ALWAYS there rubbing our backs and snuggling in tight. Nothing beats that!

Anyway, I have big plans to blog at least twice more before this baby arrives. So stay tuned for a 39 week belly update and an anniversary post (9 years).

Monday, March 05, 2012

Valentines Day

You know when you're pregnant and every ounce of your brain power gets stolen by that growing baby in your tummy? Oh yeah, I know that feeling. It's the kind of thing that makes you leave a kid in nursery at church 15 minutes after church was over, or that doesn't remind you that you're NOT wearing a shirt when you take your preschooler to school (thank goodness I invested in a maternity winter coat that fully zips up), or the kind of thing that makes you forget all about the pictures you took on Valentines day...and then has you blog about how you didn't take any. Oops.

Well, I did take some. And they were terrible! Terrible in the way that it was dark, my external flash won't 'talk' with my camera, I had to use the lame-o built in flash, my kids were hungry, my husband was dirty and grungy from work and I was fat.

BUT they were great in the way that in a years time I'll be grateful that I took some pictures...I won't think I was fat (just pregnant) and I'll laugh at how cute my kids were. And in 30 years time I'll LOVE these pictures because I'll not only NOT think I'm fat...but wonder how I could possibly have been so skinny, and I'll miss how small and cute an perfect my babies were, and I'll think how totally HOT my husband was!

So here they are:

Making our heart shaped pizza:

Smoochy smoochy:

Lovely Happy (ish...if you don't count the two year old) Family

Sunday, March 04, 2012

36 Weeks

The countdown is ON!! 4 more weeks (give or take a bit) until this baby arrives! I'm feeling EVERY single week of these 36 weeks! I'm also feeling like I need every single second in these next 4 weeks to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for this baby. I'll be honest, I get pretty postpartum after I have babies and I'm not looking forward to meeting that crazy lady again. Pregnancy is a breeze for me...postpartum emotions/baby blues/depression...not so fun at all. I'm terrified actually. BUT I have some tools to help me through this time and hopefully things feel better, hopefully I feel better and hopefully everyone else can be patient with me.

Some of the things I'm excited about though are:
-holding my new baby and KNOWING I'm his/her number ONE!
-checking out this baby and learning and memorizing every part of her/him
-watching my girls love on this baby
-having an excuse for a messy house
-all the baby's 'firsts' - smile, laugh, etc
-nursing this baby...I LOVE nursing my babies!!
-middle of the night cuddles - ALONE time!

Now we just wait and see when this little one decides to arrive. 4 days early like it's sisters? Or earlier (wishful thinking)? Right on time? Or maybe it's going to be an April Baby and show up late. We'll see!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Another month via the iPhone

What is my problem?? I can NOT get it together enough to blog. I'm sure a LOT of it has to do with the lack of content I have to blog about. We don't do anything exciting these days. I lay around all morning...then get Hailey dressed and send her off to school. Then Paige and I lay around all afternoon until Hailey comes home from school. Then I teach Piano, then I lay around, then I warm something up for dinner, lay around some more and then it's bed time! Once the kids are in bed Ben (if he's home) and I lay around and watch tv. Seriously, I just lounge out all day on the couch. Ahhh, the life of luxury!

In between all my laziness I do manage to take a picture or two with my iPhone. I'd love to take my real camera out and put it to use, but it's usually ALL the way across the room. And I'm sure at this point it would take a few large cranes to get me off the couch. So my iPhone camera it is!

Since Ben and I got married on February 15th we decided that Valentines Day will be for our kids, and our anniversary will be for us. This year the girls and I made a heart shaped Pizza for dinner. We even went through all the effort to cut ALL the meat into heart shapes as well...and I'm really glad we did, because as you can see, all that heart shaped meat is so obvious! (Sense the sarcasm?) Next year I think we'll skip that step! The Pizza was D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s though!

On Family Day weekend we spent the day at the wave pool with Ben's sister and Cousin and their kids. It was sooooo fun! I didn't feel like cooking (swimming isn't anything like lounging on the couch all day you know), so for dinner, Ben and I and the girls went to Moxie's. It was surprisingly VERY kid friendly and we had a lot of fun colouring on our paper place mats!

Paige was VERY insistent that I draw soothers all over her you think she's maybe in withdrawal over her lack of soother use these days?

This week I spent MOST...well all of the week sick. Ben got a mancold on the weekend which worked it's way over my direction. How did I get a mancold you ask? Maybe I really do have a boy in my baby belly! Regardless of how it happened...the mancold turned into a sinus infection which resulted in me laid out on the couch all day everyday (which I guess doesn't sound much different then my everyday life). My kids watched a LOT of TV this week and played on the computer WAY more than I should have let them!

Hailey also spent a bit of time chatting on the phone with various people....mostly Grandma. She's looking WAY too grown up here!

Today the weather was nice and my antibiotics were starting to kick in. So I took the kids to the park. I celebrated by glaring into the camera. That's how GREAT I feel!

After this week, the girls are pretty used to me laying around doing nothing, so they take care of themselves! Sweet hey?
Anyway, tomorrow's Sunday. Maybe I'll get up and put some makeup on to look decent for church. If I do, I'll post a picture of my 36 week belly!! I KNOW, the anticipation is killing you!