Monday, July 25, 2011

Canada Day

We spent Canada Day in Raymond with Ben's Granny and Grandpa (and nana and grandpa and Chris and Lauren and kids too). It was fun...the parade was a blast! The Candy...oh the Candy. That's just not something I was used to having grown up in a big city. You sure don't get candy thrown at you during a parage where I grew up. So it was fun to watch. After the parade we went back to Granny and Grandpa's for a BBQ and my camera decided to grace us with it's presence.

Hailey LOVED playing in their was FULL of bugs! She's been so obsessed with bugs lately...caterpillars, moths (or butterflies as she likes to call them), spiders, dragon flies and in this case Ladybugs.

The kids had a LOT of fun blowing bubbles

Nana (as my girls like to call her) had fun trying to teach Paige not to eat the bubble wand while blowing...and how to not spit while blowing either

We took a million silly pictures...this one pretty much says all you need to know about Ben and I

We found a perfect little grove of trees for pictures and took a million pictures here as well... only to notice after the kids were done that there was a big leaf in front of Ben's head (and that Hailey was too interested in finding bugs to even bother with looking at the camera). At least I look ok.

A normal picture of Ben and I

ooooooh....and a kissy one too. cover your eyes.

Ben and Paige hugging Granny Goodbye

And a goodbye hug for Grandpa too.

Overall the day was so relaxing and perfect. I'm glad we could get together and just have fun!

Ok...let's talk about june

I can't believe July is basically over and I'm still just thinking about June. What is wrong with me? I guess you could call it "never ending RV-ing"! I am never home...which means my pictures never get the opportunity to even get uploaded onto my computer, which then means I never get to blog about them. But since I have a relatively quite week (I'm just planning one Birthday party and packing for a short 4 day camping trip) I think I might get sort of caught up here.

So, let's talk about June:

I pretty much covered most of it already, but I didn't talk about our trip to Tie lake. Some friends of ours invited us and a few other families who also have trailers to camp in our to their family's lake front property in BC. It was the perfect trip...tons of land (i.e. space) for us to park our RV's...beach front...with a pretty sweet boat...and great company. We had a LOT of fun. Really lots and lots and lots of fun!

Highlights of the trip were:

Loading all the kids (who obviously cooperated perfectly) into a canoe to take a million pictures...all of which turned out perfectly and not blurry at all.

Hailey just LOVED lighting the sparklers at night

Paige and I obviously captivated by something...not sure what though

We loved going out on the boat and killing ourselves...we especially loved watching these two get tossed on their tube ride

Paige loved struttin' it in her new 'life jacket'

The boys loved watching their smokin' wives go on a quad/bike ride...the babies loved it when we came back!

And that's it. The trip was just so nice, we all got along so well, we spent a lot of time just hanging around the campfire chatting and even more time watching the Hill's show us how the pros work the water. Thanks for the invite!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Triathlon

So I've been keeping a secret...sort of. Just a secret in the blogging world, but if you know my in real life or on Facebook then you know. BUT, I've been training for a triathlon...sort of. I haven't said anything on here before because I have never done a race of any sort ever, and I was scared if I put it in writing then somehow I would jinx myself. So I didn't blog about it.

Anyway, the last three months I've been semi training - meaning that I started to run (which I am absolutely terrible at), I continued with my swimming, and decided to ride my bike a bit more. Nothing hardcore that's for sure. I did make sure to get a good bike, run, or swim in every day - so I guess that's hardcore to some. Anyway, my sister Sarah and I have been training together/separately for this and although we were very very nervous about it all, we're SO glad we did it! We both came in under 2 hours! Neither one of us was last or even close to it...which I think is VERY impressive for two girls who don't run at all...aren't used to open water swims and haven't owned bikes for years. We kicked BUTT! And we're definitely going to do it again!

Here are a million pictures from my moms camera:

Me...getting suited up

Sarah and I ready to go

Sarah and I and Sarah's friend Mikyla

Me in my swim cap glory

Waiting for instructions

Waiting for the horn

More waiting

And we're off

Me finishing

Sarah and I getting ready to bike (I'm fighting with my shirt)

Sarah ready to go; Me doing up my shoes

Sarah taking off
Me taking off

Finishing the bike portion

Starting my run...I had some serious jelly legs and could barely even move

Me finishing the race...sooo happy!

Sarah finishing the race!

Our cheerleaders and us

Mom and us girls

The triathletes

And that's it! It was way better then I expected! The people were amazing and it was really a ton of fun. By the way...if you're curious, my times were: Total - 1:43; Swim (500m)-17 min; Bike (20km)-55min; Run (5km)-31 min