Monday, July 25, 2011

Canada Day

We spent Canada Day in Raymond with Ben's Granny and Grandpa (and nana and grandpa and Chris and Lauren and kids too). It was fun...the parade was a blast! The Candy...oh the Candy. That's just not something I was used to having grown up in a big city. You sure don't get candy thrown at you during a parage where I grew up. So it was fun to watch. After the parade we went back to Granny and Grandpa's for a BBQ and my camera decided to grace us with it's presence.

Hailey LOVED playing in their was FULL of bugs! She's been so obsessed with bugs lately...caterpillars, moths (or butterflies as she likes to call them), spiders, dragon flies and in this case Ladybugs.

The kids had a LOT of fun blowing bubbles

Nana (as my girls like to call her) had fun trying to teach Paige not to eat the bubble wand while blowing...and how to not spit while blowing either

We took a million silly pictures...this one pretty much says all you need to know about Ben and I

We found a perfect little grove of trees for pictures and took a million pictures here as well... only to notice after the kids were done that there was a big leaf in front of Ben's head (and that Hailey was too interested in finding bugs to even bother with looking at the camera). At least I look ok.

A normal picture of Ben and I

ooooooh....and a kissy one too. cover your eyes.

Ben and Paige hugging Granny Goodbye

And a goodbye hug for Grandpa too.

Overall the day was so relaxing and perfect. I'm glad we could get together and just have fun!


Anonymous said...

some really sweet pictures and great memories.

The McGales said...

SO meagan just so you know you look especially AMAZING in these pics!!! You always look great but your gorgeous!! Red is your color I think ;) Just thought I'd let ya know

The McGales said...

Meagan You always look so good in pics but you look gorgeous in these!!!! Red is a good color on you....just thought I'd mention it ;)

Meagan M said...

Thanks Ashley!!