Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Early in July we camped on Shuswap with our good friends the Chantelle and Sheldon and their beautiful kids. Do you have friends like these? Let me explain them to you...AMAZING! We met them years ago when Ben and I were managing an apartment building in Calgary. They were tenants there and even though I'm not even sure how it happened we very quickly became close friends. Maybe it's because Sheldon's one of those guys who gets along with everyone and had lots in common with Ben...or maybe it was because Chantelle and I could sit forever and just talk about anything. Whatever it is...our friendship just works. It was so sad when we both moved out of the apartment building and ended up an hour away from each other...somehow we need to live closer to this family because they're just so easy to be friends with.

Anyway, we planned our one major camping trip this year with them and I'm glad we did. We started the week out by spending a night at Chantelle's parents beautiful property near the lake. Stunning is all I can really say about where they live.

Then we headed to our campground and set up camp....nice set up hey?

Our kids got along great! So great in fact that they couldn't help being a little silly once in a while (well at least Hailey couldn't help it)

We made sure to keep our kids spotless at all times...camping is no fun when you're dirty. Ok I lie.

But Paige was especially easy to keep clean...in my dreams

What was surprising though was how horrified she was by the sticky stringy mess marshmallows made

We LOVED our evening campfires...can you see the baby sleeping behind that blanket? That's Chantelle's 3 month old baby who was AMAZING the whole week!

The kids spent a lot of time lounging and rearranging and lounging some more in these chairs

my girls and I figured our best bet at a decent picture was to just look silly...at least we're consistent right?

The best shot I could get of the guys...as they were getting the quads tied down to the trucks for a little fun

Popsicles...oh popsicles - we ate a TON of these all week!

Hailey explored and found little bugs to play with...she especially loved this caterpillar

Paige was a perfect doll and would sleep at the Beach during the day...seriously, isn't she so cute?

Hailey was a perfect doll and never sassed me at the beach

I occasionally asked Ben to take a picture of me to document the fact that I actually exist...most the time the pictures were blurry or over exposed. BUT at least I exist!

One evening we went for a walk to the nearby waterfalls. Ben and Hailey clearly didn't bring their faces.

another picture of me! Yay...I still exist!

Our little family at the falls

Anyway, the trip was soooo fun! I'm so glad that we finally got to camp with Chantelle and Sheldon! I hope to do it again next year! Thanks for inviting us and showing us around!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun blog; I laughed over several of the pictures but especially the one where Ben and Hailey forgot to bring their faces. Then I had to check on pictures of Ben: just his backside, then no face, then his face is in the shadow. Are you sure he came?
Love the necklace on C&S's little daughter -- she knows how to camp!
The whole trip sounds wonderful: great company, nice camping set up, perfect bugs (that caterpillar looks like it's checking out H's nostril), a little dirt, and lots of fun and popsicles.
Love, G0Ma

The Taylors said...

Yay! Looks so fun!!

Lahni said...

I know what you mean about the pics. There is ONE picture of my from the week we spent in MT and my mom took it and it's the worst angle so it makes me look like a whale.
And just now I was looking back at photos and it seems like every picture I'm in is blurry. After I die my descendents are going to wonder why I had such a blurry face!

Rebecca said...

So fun, I laughed so hard about the "forgot to bring their faces"!