Monday, August 29, 2011

Camping with My sister

This summer my sister Becc and I decided to try something new...something crazy...something never to be done again...we camped for an entire week with our kids and without husbands!

Now when I say "camp" you have to understand what I mean. We both have well over 30ft long trailers with popouts, we have AC, plumbing, microwaves, and any other modern convenience you could think of. So it really shouldn't have been that bad, but somehow a week with no dads and camping on the beach with 5 kids was a LOT more work then we'd anticipated. I could easily do a week without Ben at home, but I also have a fenced in backyard, and cable TV, and the Internet. We didn't have those it made for a busy week. But it was still a lot of fun!

Paige and Max got along surprisingly well this trip...seeing how they are both the babies of their families and are both 2 years old. That could make for a tough situation, but they seemed to hit it off:

Especially when they were getting into things (like my toothbrushes) without their moms noticing...

Or when we went for walks and they couldn't touch or tease each other...

My girls had fun with their cousins...even the one's who look nothing like them (it's so funny to see how dark his skin is compared to his brothers and my girls. fascinating)

And they especially loved the cousins who gave them piggy back rides (I officially want a 10 year old)

Hailey even had fun all by herself...on the muddy beach after a late afternoon summer storm (which I will add was quite scary in a trailer)

Paige kept herself occupied with all sorts of activities...namely stealing her cousin's toys/bike

She also particularly enjoyed snapping and unsnapping this life jacket...ALL...DAY...LONG

And she really enjoyed pushing her cousin and 2nd cousin on the swings

And I really enjoyed it when my camera ran out of batteries! So convenient. I also really did enjoy spending the evenings chatting with Becc, hanging out on the beach all day long, eating whatever we felt like eating and not what our husbands wanted, and working out (Beachbody Insanity) on the front of EVERYONE!! Ok maybe I didn't enjoy that last one so much, but it was still a good idea! Overall it was a fun week...tiring but so worth it! I'm not sure if we'll do this again any time soon though, but we're glad we made the memories we did!


The Taylors said...

Sounds so fun and yes it is a lot of work camping without the husbands! I did it last year with my cousins but i brought my sister along to help out! Good memories!

Sue-Zee said...

Insanity?? I do that at the privacy of my own basement. LOL--you are a brave woman Meagan! Way to rock out!

Anonymous said...

So, if your camera battery hadn't run out would we have seen a picture of Beachbody Insanity?
Cute pictures of the girls and the cousins.
Love, G-Ma