Friday, September 09, 2011

And then we had a Birthday Party!

I'm still working on July here. If I blogged for any other reason then to keep a personal record of our life...I'd just skip it all and write something truly witty. But the main reason I blog is to document this fabulously normal life I live...and therefore, I must and will slowly work my way through each and every little thing we do. If there are actually people out there who read this blog (and I suspect there are few), just deal with the deal. My life is boring, my documentation of my life might be more if you're reading this - what does that say about you? Sorry Mom....and anyone else who reads this thing. I'm just kidding.

Anyway, between camping trips this year I decided to have a VERY last minute, VERY small and VERY unorganized birthday party for Hailey. Basically we invited Hailey's cousins and whoever happened to be at church the Sunday before. Who knew so many people would be at church on Sunday...and who knew everyone who was there was also available!! It ended up being a very last minute, very HUGE, very unorganized party. I also didn't even have a chance to invite half the people I would have wanted to...but I'm sure they're glad they didn't have to participate in this gong show:

Pin the clothes on the princess
A million little mouths to feed
Hailey marrying her prince charming
Me - more excited then anyone to open presents (either that or a woodchuck impression)
And Hailey blowing out the candles on her Ice Cream Sunday (my kids don't like cake...I don't like to make why bother?)

Anyway...I make it sound like it was this terrible party. But it wasn't. I did do lots of decorating and cute things for the party - and I enjoyed every minute of it. Hailey and her friends seemed to have a blast. And it was well worth the little bit of craziness you get with 12 Four year olds running around the house! I'm glad and feel very blessed every year that I get to have Birthday parties for my kids. I'm one lucky lady.


Anonymous said...

not boring at all, especially the woodchuck face and the princess who got married but somehow forgot -- clearly -- to spend a couple of hours taming her lovely golden locks. ;) Cute and one to remember on her real wedding day. (I remember someone getting up hours early to curl her hair with a triple barrel curling iron on her wedding day...)

Christine Hill said...

you are too the woodchuck face:) lol

The Harker Family said...

I love reading your blog!!! You are too funny. I laughed so hard at the woodchuck thing...well you're a hot woodchuck then that's for sure! Very cute pics of the b-day party!!!!!

R&A said...

super cute!!! LOVE pin the clothes on the princess...... I may steal that concept if I ever get my little girl!!

Lahni said...

I HAVE to have that picture of Hailey and her Prince...I'll save it for their wedding!

The Taylors said...

I remember inviting 14 kids to Jadyn's 4th birthday too and it was such a gong show, this year I set limits for boht of them!! haha. Looks liek a lot of fun and I love your woodchuck impersonation too ;)