Sunday, September 25, 2011

The legend of the Mini Van

Back in March when we finally made the transition from Car to Minivan, my dear friend Laura warned me that it would definitely result in another baby...whether we'd planned it or not. I assured her that my life was fully under control and that I would have a baby WHEN I chose to have a baby, and not when my minivan decided. But really, when in the past have I ever been able to choose when to have my babies? Never. They always come WAY later then I plan, and so who was more schocked than me when I found out we were having a baby a few months earlier then planned? Maybe Ben...that's who was more shocked. We've never been blessed with super fertility powers so I do feel like this pregnancy is such a blessing. It hasn't stopped me from constantly worrying though (just ask the ultrasound techs at all three ultrasounds I've had, who've patiently dealt with my full on meltdowns before and after I see that heart beat each time). I'm a mess...and that's ok. Pregnancy is full of so much joy and excitement for me...and it has also been a source of so much sorrow and pain. So I'm just a happy mix of every emotion.

I am very happy to be taking pictures of my growing belly...and if this is evidence of what's to come, I'm POSITIVE I'll have another HUGE belly again!
I'm also VERY VERY VERY relieved that the morning sickness Fairy didn't find me this time. In past pregnancies I've been bedridden for months with awful awful morning sickness. In preparation for this sickly time I went to the doctor VERY early and got a prescription of Diclectin to scare that morning sickness away. And boy did it do it's job, I haven't had to take ONE pill this pregnancy! Which is amazing since I usually spend hundreds of dollars each month trying to just survive. So I am blessed. Now don't get me wrong, I still feel sick at times...but THIS kind of 'barely there' morning I will take and I can easily handle!

Anyway, the baby's due to make it's arrival sometime at the end of March...maybe early April (depending on how things go). We're not sure what we're having yet, but rest assured, we WILL find out (if we can). We're going to be over the moon happy either way. I LOVE being a mother to girls and I would LOVE (LOVE LOVE) to have another. BUT, I've never had a boy and I think that would be exciting and so fun too! If I were a betting person I'd say it's going to be a girl (our record proves that we like to make girls...4 for 4), but if I were to guess based on my gut feeling, I'd say it's a boy. So We'll just have to wait and see. Any guesses?


Jeni said...

Ohhhhhhhh Meagan, sooo exciting! Congrats! I kinda think you get another girl, but I hope it is a boy cause they are crazy and awesome!

You look darling. You are one of those moms who should be pregnant cause you look so cute!

Christine Hill said...

I just LOVE how you did that picture! and its true you are so cute pregnant...and when your not for that matter:) I'm saying boy.

The McGales said...

APril would be a good birthday month ;) ANd my guess is a BOY!!

Francis Family said...

I'm excited for you!!
It's true though, we bought a minivan when we had Kyla and we thought we were crazy, then we had the twins! It's funny how it works out. I'm betting another girl obviously! ha
Love that pic of you, i'm so glad i'm not the only one these days who still posts belly pics!

The Taylors said...

Love the belly picture!!! You are one hot mama! I told you the mini van would do the trick :) I am guessing another girl! Let me know as soon as you find out!!!

Christine Peterson said...

I hope a boy. Better be a boy :) I mean really, you had 4 girls, this one HAS to be BOY!! Has to!!!! I hope me typing this sets it in stone :)

Anonymous said...

I would like to be like my doctor and say one thing and write down the other. He would say, "I think you're expecting a boy." But he'd write down, without me seeing it, "A girl." Then, when I had a boy, I'd be so impressed with him making the right educated guess (back in the days before ultrasounds). But if I had a girl and told him he had said it would be a boy, he would shake his head and show me that he'd written down "Girl."
So, I'm saying it will be a boy (but I'm hedging my bets and writing down girl).
Love your picture,

Lahni said...

Does that mean I'm going to have another baby too since I just bought a mini-van?!
And I think it's a boy.

The Stanfords said...

I know a few moms who got more sick with girls than they did with boys. Soooo maybe this means you're having a boy!