Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First....Day of school

Hailey started Preschool this year. Last year a few friends and I did a little "joyschool" program for our kids. We just created our own curriculum and met once a week. So it was a HUGE change for me (and Hailey and Paige) to send Hailey off to school 3 days a week for 3 hours each day. It was even a BIGGER change because her preschool class is smack dab in the middle of the elementary school. So she shares the gym, the bathroom, the library and the park with older kids. She also will have grade 6 reading buddies come in to read with her and the other kids. WOW!! This seems like real school to me! It's a good thing she loves it, because I'm still a bit mixed on the whole thing.

The night before, I let Hailey pick her outfit from 6 different options. Apparently NONE of them were acceptable because not a single outfit was going to be big enough for her on her first day of "high school" as she calls it. She was also very worried as we put her to bed that night that she was going to break the bed when she magically grew up while sleeping! So adorable...so innocent...so perfect!

Somehow when she woke up she was BIGGER...but magically still fit into her clothes - AND her bed was still in decent shape.

Paige was certain she was going to school too...and therefore insisted on being in the pictures with a backpack too).

I think this little girls is so precious! So sweet, so tender, so kind so loving.

These two friends didn't seem so excited...me thinks they were just playing it cool in front of the bigger kids. Either that or they were sick of my camera in their faces (I needed something to cover up my teary eyes)
When I had her to myself she gave me one last smile before running off into her classroom to start the rest of her life.


Anonymous said...

so sweet, so little, so innocent -- tears in my eyes too.
Love, G-Ma

Anonymous said...

just had to add another comment -- American Gothic!! heheheheh. What a bunch of lovely, tender pictures.
Love again,

Christine Hill said...

Oh my Hailey and Paige standing together...what a precious picture! Hailey looks sooo cute in her little outfit....my heart was beating just thinking of what that first day must have been like.

The Taylors said...

Oh my goodness she is so grown up, i am surprised her bed didn't break!!! SHe is sooo cute. I love Paige with her backpack too, Mya does the same thing!