Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's talk about the potty

So it wasn't that long ago (maybe 4 months) that I snapped this darling picture of Paige using the potty.

photo courtesy of the iphone

I knew at that point that she was ready to be potty trained. I also knew at that point that I wasn't ready. So I did nothing about it. As the summer progressed it became more and more obvious that she was ready...and it became more and more obvious that I was just plain old lazy. It basically got to the point where she was exclusively using the potty, yet I still had her in diapers. Can you say lazy? Maybe denial? Crazy?

Well, two weeks ago Paige decided she was done with diapers. I literally could not get her into one...or to keep one on. So I said to my barely two year old:

"fine...but if you even almost pee your panties you're back in diapers!"

And so she actually listened. It's been two weeks...and not one accident. I didn't think potty training could be any easier than it was with Hailey...but apparently I was wrong.

Now before all you haters start your hating...let me remind you of a thing or two about this lively child of mine. So when you have "dream babies" that are so good you almost forget they're there, well I have babies that cry, some times a LOT. Or when you have toddlers that sit nicely and play...I have toddlers that empty entire toothpaste tubes, along with diaper cream, and lotion on a daily basis. And when your toddlers defy you...just remember this girl who potty trained herself is probably just trying to defy me. Once she figures out that I'm actually happy about it, I'm sure she'll switch directions. Oh and finally, when your kids are wonderfully/genius-ly/adorably smart...remember mine get to be too!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, genius, adorable, smart barely two-year old!
Hugs to the little darling,

Anonymous said...

That kid cracks me up

The Taylors said...

I wish I could hate you for that but I just can't. I love you and her!!! So cute!!!

The Harker Family said...

Wow that is AWESOME! What a smarty pants!!! Loved this're too funny!

Christine Hill said...

seriously I love your blog! YAY Paige!