Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Yes...I did have a Birthday!

Thanks for asking:)

So this year my Birthday sort of crept up on us...like it always does. Somehow life gets so busy in September that the early October Birthday's get forgotten. I'm not complaining....really. But it's true, it's also a little frustrating when your Birthday falls just days before Thanksgiving. Not as many people are excited about celebrating it with all the other exciting things going on. But this is my Birthday and I LOVE IT...plus I truly believe some of the best people are born in October:)

Anyway, Ben just so happened to work late on my Birthday, I just so happened to pick up 4 new piano students for the evening of my Birthday, and we just so happened to be broke. YAY Birthday! I did have a great day though, I took the girls to Walmart and closed my eyes as they each picked out two things to buy me...then I closed my eyes as I paid for them. I spent the day doing laundry (which sounds lame, but when you've been without a washer for over a week, and you finally got a new one the day before your Birthday...nothing is more exciting then 10 loads of laundry. Which clearly makes me a mom). Anyway, it really was a good day...just so normal and lovely. Lauren babysat my kids for me while I taught Piano (and so kindly helped them wrap their presents for me) and my good friend Lahni made me a brownie (with a candle) to snack on before piano lessons. With good friends and family, and a wonderfully normal everyday life, I honestly couldn't have asked for more.

When Ben got home LATER that night we had a quick little party.

Ben was sooooo excited!

I was very surprised with the nail polish the girls bought me

I had to read the fine print on the mascara Hailey picked out...it looked kind of interesting

And I helped the girls put on the 'lipstick' they bought me

Then the camera died...therefore no pictures of the fabulous cake (which I made). It was delish!

To really celebrate my Birthday Ben and I went out for Vietnamese and a movie on the weekend. It was fun. So we did make up for the kind of normal and boring Birthday I had. But like I said...I really was happy with the way the day unfolded.


Anonymous said...

I love the closing your eyes while they picked the presents and then again when you paid. So cute.
You look lovely and actually very glamorous in the picture where you're wondering what was in the mascara.
Happy birthday. You're a for real Mom when you spend your birthdays like this.
Enjoy doing laundry. :)
Love, G-Ma

Francis Family said...

I agree the best people have October birthdays! ;) The girls gifts for you were adorable! Somehow when we're moms our birthdays aren't as exciting as they were when we were young. Oh well now we get to spoil our kids!

The Taylors said...

Yay for birthdays! Glad you had a fun one even though you had 10 loads of laundry to do.

The Harker Family said...

Happy late Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a fab day!