Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cait's visit to the hospital

So we're just hanging out at the Children's hospital. Cait has a UTI, and although she's recovering quickly, it's still standard procedure to admit babies with a fever under three months of age. So I'm bored, and super tired. We were up ALL night on Tuesday getting blood work, X-rays etc. Then we spent most of Wednesday meeting with doctors and nurses. And all night Wednesday getting vitals checked every hour. Wow. Today has been kind of lazy. We were supposed to go in for an ultrasound but things got mixed up and now that's happening tomorrow. So we've got another night of interrupted sleep ahead of us. Seriously, you don't get much sleep in the hospital.

Cait's cute as ever though and has managed to win over all her caretakers. They especially love her IV hat. She had to have her IV put in her head because her veins are so cute and tiny every where else (the bruises on her arms and hands from failed attempts at the IV aren't so cute). So the one nurse on Tuesday put this little hat on to keep the IV in place. Genius and adorable.

Besides doing nothing all day we have looked forward to seeing people...grandma and grandpa as well as the big sisters (and dad of course)

Anyway here are some no particular order (I'm blogging from my phone and can't figure it out).