Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another month...another post.

So I'm really slacking...really slacking. Anyway it's almost November and I thought it was about time to post again. So here we go:

Since my last post we have celebrated MY Birthday, Jeff's Birthday, Sarah's Birthday, Thanksgiving and just every day life. Hailey's been growing bigger and getting cuter everyday...she's now 13 pounds 8 ounces...just perfectly normal. She's not rolling over yet, BUT...she's playing with all her toys and is grabbing everything in sight. We go for lots of walks...well at least we did until winter decided to show up...and we spend lots of time just hanging out and playing. She dropped a nap and a feed this month and seems to be acting less and less like a newborn...oh and she's now sleeping 10 hours consistently every night...so nice! She's been sleeping long stretches for a while, but we were never sure if it was just luck or not. Now we know she can do it!! Loooove it! Anyway, here are some pics from the last few weeks:

A little bit of tummy time...and a big goofy grin!

Hailey says "I'm cute hey?? How about a profile shot...you can just add this to my portfolio"

Hailey says "Mom....I can not believe you made me wear this, I'm already chubby enough as it is...look even Sarah's laughing at me. So unfair"

The cutest little lady bug I've ever seen
A little bit of attitude during out afternoon stroll in the park, this is just a glimpse into what my future holds

And another glimpse into her future...I caught her yesterday kissing a new friend...

Then she had the audacity to ask for some privacy...seriously what 3 1/2 month old does that?? I haven't told her dad yet because if he knew, that triceratops would never see the light of day again.
Oh..and here's a pic of me and Sarah and our shared birthday cake. My uncle Doug and and Sue, and mom and dad and Sarah came over to our house for a little dinner and cake...mmmm cookies and cream blizzard cake...mmmm

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wanna host a party??

I do now that I've seen this cute little thing:


That's it...Haileys modeling debut! She looks so tiny and so cute. I can't believe how much she's changed! Anwyay, that site belongs to one of my friends...have a look around, there is some really cute stuff!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hailey's Blessing

So, we finally decided to bless this little baby. I know most people seem to do it earlier, but I was just not ready for it. Anyway, she's 2 1/2 months old now and as cute as ever. We invited all our family to come and they all showed up...impressive! We blessed her at our church and then had everyone over after for some dinner. Hailey was so good during the blessing and didn't make a peep, and she was pretty good the rest of the day - considering she hardly napped at all. So by 8pm she finally crashed for the night and boy did she sleep! Maybe we should wear her out like that more often! Anyway, here are some pics from the event:

Just getting home from Church and adjusting Hailey's little bow....what a cutie!

The Happy Family...sorry the picture's blurry

Hailey taking a little snooze in Grandma's arms...she slept in both grandma's arms that day - Grandma's have that special touch!

The Dessert was a big hit

And so was Hailey
Over all it was a pretty long day, but so fun and so worth it. I'm glad everyone could make it!

So the next day I thought I'd try and take a few pictures of Hailey so I could remember this day forever....before I show them to you I must explain. I desperately need a new camera. Mine really is no good - especially when you're taking pictures of squirmy little babies. It's too slow!! I hate using the flash because it makes everything so shiny...but if I don't, every thing's too blurry. I'd rather shine over blur....but really I'd rather neither. Anyway, since this maternity leave budget really is too small, I'm just going to have to deal with my lame camera. It's really good enough, it just seems that everyone out there has some really nice equipment and I can't help but compare. So....with that out of the way, here are some pictures of Hailey:

We had a conversation during the shoot and it went something like this:

Me: Ok Hailey Smiiiiiiile!!!
Me: Hailey can you please give me some more expression?
Hailey: Sure mom, how about this?

Me: Ummmm, no that's a a bit much
Hailey: Ok mom, is this better?
Me: Better, but can you get those hands out of your mouth?
Hailey: Sorry to tell you mom, but the hands sort of come with the baby - it could be worse...see?
Me: Ok I see...can you please just give me one sweet little face with no hands/thumb in the mouth so I can take a picture to keep forever??
Hailey: Sure...but it's going to have to be a bit blurry - you can't have everything you know!

And that's it, one half decent picture of Hailey in her blessing gown...and you can't even see the whole thing! Oh well...I'll just have to make sure I never ever forget how cute she was!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A post from the Past

So, I'm pretty sure I forgot to write all about the amazing photo shoot I had with Ben's sister Rebecca when I was pregnant. I think I was waiting for the pictures to arrive before I posted anything, and then once they arrived I ended up having Hailey pretty soon after. Anyway, I'm trying to make sure I document everything I can...and who can forget this day? Ben and I went down to Raymond for a few hours and let Rebecca snap away. We had lots of fun...you should have seen us - I was 35 weeks and she was 24-ish (which means she is actually due tomorrow!!!) so we were definitely working together. She's a total pro though, she was laying on the ground and moving into all sorts of positions that I couldn't even get into even if I tried...all just to get the perfect shot of my belly. And it worked...there were soooo many good pictures. And I can always count on Rebecca to make a 35 week pregnant girl who gained over 45 pounds to not feel too chubby. She must have worked some photoshop magic, because I was looking pretty good...I'm allowed to say that right? Anyway, here are a few of my favourite pictures from the day...sorry there are lots and they don't even make a dent in how many I have to choose from:

So, I'm pretty happy I had the pictures taken when I did...because just a week later my belly exploded with stretch marks, I got a stupid rash on my tummy (PUPP) and I got way, I mean it, waaaaay bigger! Almost disgustingly big! Anyway, we're definitely looking forward to taking Hailey to see Rebecca soon for her big debut! We tried when Hailey was just a few days old, but I was too much of a rookie and Hailey just cried the whole time. So we'll try again when she's sitting up...I'm looking forward to it!