Friday, June 27, 2008

Just dropping in to say hi!!

We've been computer-less for almost a week now and I am about to die! I've spent way too much time at the library trying to use the Internet there while chasing around a newly walking baby. And at the same time, I've spent way less time on-line...which means I've actually gotten stuff done around here. Cleaning, laundry, organizing, eating etc. All things I didn't do before. Which definitely means I've gained three pounds. Who knew the Internet was a weight loss solution for me?

Anyway, Lauren lent me her computer for the weekend. So I can get online...but I can't post pictures. So, soon enough I'll be back here with pictures. Until then, here is some of what we've been up to lately:

1. Hanging out with Family...Waterton with Ben's family, and general Calgary stuff with mine
2. Cleaning the house
3. Walking! We all walk in this house now! Some of us still look like Frankenstein...but it's still walking!
4. buffalo lake with my moms family. All her cousins and kids and grandkids!
5. Prepping the basement for Wawa (or most of you know her) to come and stay for a month Can you say built in babysitter?!?!
6. Hanging out with Chris and Lauren...Ben's brother and wife who just conveniently live down the street from us!! FUN!
7. Prepping the backyard for sod...which will be finished this weekend!
8. Planting flowers in my new flower pots! My first willing attempt at gardening (and when I say willing, I mean that this time my mom didn't make me and Josh go to the backyard to dig up the garden from last year, or weed, or plant new seeds or anything...I did it all by myself without anyone making me! Maybe next year, I'll try to actually plant a flower bed.)
9. Trying to lose that three pounds I gained without the computer, plus the other 5 I needed to lose in the first 8 total!
10. Enjoying every last day I have of mat leave and trying desperately to think of something I can do at home for work so I don't have to officially go back. Any suggestions???

And that's it, I'll post pics again when I have my own computer back!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Farm

So last Sunday we headed down to the Farm to celebrate the Grandpa's Birthday (Ben's dad). And while we were there, the boys of course gathered up the guns and went to shoot gofers. There were a couple .22 rifles and I'm pretty sure a Shot Gun out there. Anyway, onto the real point of this blog. So the girls decided to head out the field and see what the guys were up to, and along the way we got distracted by the beautiful sky. The sun was close to setting, it was behind the clouds and illuminating the most beautiful post rain sky I'd ever seen. Seriously, it was so beautiful. Well, thank goodness Rebecca was there to take some pictures of it all. And here they are:

This first on I took...just to remember the simplicity of the country...beautiful hey?

And the rest are from Rebecca's camera:

Oh man...does this kid get any funnier?

The standard Hailey face when someone tried to kiss her

The Standard Hailey kiss...Teeth and all!

Ben, Randall and Carson...looking for Gofers

The best smile we could get from the Hailey Babe...she was oh so tired!

Awww, what a cutie!

And there were more pictures too...but these were a few of my favourites! I just can't get enough of how talented Rebecca is! I'm planning on getting a 'real' camera one of these days myself, but I know that even though a nice SLR (and a little Photoshop know how) will help me a TON with my photos...nothing can ever take the place of pure old talent.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Spring Math

Here's a little math for you:

Thunderstorm + Nap Time + Teething Baby = Disaster

I'm just hoping the rest of the day is better...I guess if you consider constant whining better than constant crying, then we might have a GREAT day!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I can't resist

I just can't resist posting about these cute decals I found.

I L-O-V-E all things cute...and well, this stuff matches the description.

This Cuckoo clock decal is awesome! I'm actually trying to think of a place to put one up as I speak...uh... type.

And then of course, who doesn't love a little bird around their house?
Oh and I've got to give credit where credit is due...My friend Angie introduced me to this site. She's sort of the crafty guru around these parts. So if she thinks it's cute, well then it's definitely CUTE! Trust me.