Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Farm

So last Sunday we headed down to the Farm to celebrate the Grandpa's Birthday (Ben's dad). And while we were there, the boys of course gathered up the guns and went to shoot gofers. There were a couple .22 rifles and I'm pretty sure a Shot Gun out there. Anyway, onto the real point of this blog. So the girls decided to head out the field and see what the guys were up to, and along the way we got distracted by the beautiful sky. The sun was close to setting, it was behind the clouds and illuminating the most beautiful post rain sky I'd ever seen. Seriously, it was so beautiful. Well, thank goodness Rebecca was there to take some pictures of it all. And here they are:

This first on I took...just to remember the simplicity of the country...beautiful hey?

And the rest are from Rebecca's camera:

Oh man...does this kid get any funnier?

The standard Hailey face when someone tried to kiss her

The Standard Hailey kiss...Teeth and all!

Ben, Randall and Carson...looking for Gofers

The best smile we could get from the Hailey Babe...she was oh so tired!

Awww, what a cutie!

And there were more pictures too...but these were a few of my favourites! I just can't get enough of how talented Rebecca is! I'm planning on getting a 'real' camera one of these days myself, but I know that even though a nice SLR (and a little Photoshop know how) will help me a TON with my photos...nothing can ever take the place of pure old talent.


Jewel said...

Great photos. It is amazing to see the magic (or rather talent) that she creates in her photos isn't it?! Love these shots.

The Taylors said...

Wow, those are great shots! What nice memories to have! i need a good camera too.... ok and some talent!